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    Oct 2002
    meron bang tsikoteer na franchisee nito...pls share your experience...

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    Mar 2006
    got this from another forum but i originally ran across this article from one of our broadsheets. hth

    Bayad Center joins franchising fray
    By Carla Paras-Sison
    Monday, August 6, 2007

    Ten years ago, Bayad Center pioneered the one-stop neighborhood payment shop concept.

    Initially collecting bills payment for parent company Meralco, Bayad Center now collects payments on behalf of 45 companies, called billers, through 762 outlets. Of these, only four are company-owned and the rest were established by third-party collecting agents who will eventually be migrated to the full franchising model.

    Bayad Center joined the recent 6th Filipino Franchise Show organized by the Association of Filipino Franchisers, Inc. and launched its counter-kiosk and stand-alone franchise models at the exhibit.

    The counter-kiosk needs approximately nine square meters of space and P339,000 in investment to cover the franchise fee, equipment, furniture, fixtures, and leasehold improvements. The stand-alone needs about 15 square meters and P487,000 in investment to accommodate two payment counters. Estimated payback at nominal volumes is between 1.6 to two years.

    Bayad Center president and chief executive officer Manuel Lorenzo L. Tuason believes the payment center has much room to grow. “We are the neighborhood payment center. Most people get intimated when they go to the banks. So they go to the Bayad Center. They feel right at home and save on transportation by paying several bills in one visit.”

    Bayad Center charges franchisees two percent of gross sales for a system-wide marketing fund but does not charge royalties. Since the outlet’s success is based on the number of transactions processed, it is important to choose a good location.

    Applicants must make their own market study on the site they are eyeing. This study will be validated by Bayad Center and upon acceptance, staff will be trained for two weeks follow. Bayad Center promises to open an outlet within 60 days from signing the franchise agreement.

    The agreement is valid for five years, and is renewable at the rate of 30 percent to 40 percent of the franchise fee at the time of renewal.

    In addition to earning from transaction-based service fees, Tuason says its franchisees have the potential to offer other value-adding services such as money remittance and cellphone credit loading, which will definitely benefit clients of Bayad Center going forward.

    There are actually 200 Bayad Centers in 20 countries, mostly connected with remittance companies. Stand-alone franchisees will in fact immediately be able to offer remittance services to the communities in which they locate.

    More billers or companies requiring collection services are expected to sign up with Bayad Center, including schools. “Billers choose us because we are everywhere. And there is actually a demand for payment to schools since many parents and siblings working abroad want to pay the school fees of their dependents directly,” says Tuason.

    Unlike banks, Bayad Center does not require billers to maintain a minimum deposit with the company to collect and account for payments accepted on their behalf.

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    Oct 2006
    Ang mahal pala. Eh wala naman equipment yan. Ano PC lang w/ internet?

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    Aug 2007
    Wat if me pc and internet ka na? Ang tagal din ng ROI, 2 years.

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    Mar 2005
    suppose to be mag-open kami ng bayad center franchise

    requirements at least 2 pc's with dsl syempre

    lahat ng binabayad sa'yo hindi mo puwede gamitin, kokolek kagad nila daily or every 2 days.

    isa sa reason kaya gusto ko sana yan eh baka monthly ang collection so mapapaikot ko sana pera. pero hindi pala ganun. ang commission mo pala ang monthly hahaha

    now the risks:

    if you open in a not so good neighborhood, inside job and holdap. pure money yan na hindi iyo parang pawnshop/money changer, so expect the worst.

    like money changers, tingin ko kailangan din ito ng time vault talaga to be secure. magkano ba yun baka milyun yun

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    Oct 2002
    sa reply sa akin sa e-mail, kailangan mo rin maglagay ng cash bond na 600k ...tulog agad ito....

    so kung magtatayo ka ng counter-kiosk + 339,000 = halos 1 milyon din ...tsk mabigat pala..

    Franchisee Service Fee Rates
    Franchise Service Fee Rates
    1- 4,499 transactions P6 / transaction
    4,500 - 6,499 trans P6.50 / trans
    6,500 - 7,999 trans P7 / trans
    8,000 - above P7.50 / trans

    Franchise Fee* ( renewable after 5 yrs. and a 30% - 40% of the prevailing
    rate of franchise fee)
    Kiosk Model (at least 9 sq.m. floor area): P120,000.00
    Full Branch Model (at least 15 sq.m. floor area): P150,000.00
    (*Excluding leasehold improvements, equipment, and furniture and fixtures)

    + PhP600,000 Cash Bond ( refundable upon closure and to be deposited in a
    bank account)
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    Dec 2003
    kung walang cash bond ok pa...pero sobra laki na pag 1M para lang sa ganyan..

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    May 2005
    woohaa! Pretty expensive.Mukhang alang tulugan ito para mabawi pera. But i guess if you are have 10 million that won't be too much to spend on.

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    Sep 2007
    ang mahal naman tapos ang tagal pa ng ROI.. it's too risky..

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    Sep 2010
    does anyone knows magkano kita/comission ng TPA ng bayad center? tsaka pano nila nakukuha ung comissions nila? is it daily o monthly basis? paano cla kumikita? tsaka san nila nireremit ung money sa Offce ng Bayad Center o sa Bank?

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