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    ito ba yung along West Service Road? looks fun enough...just needs more lights...and sounds, perhaps...

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    Congratulations to team! Full event report and race results from the Blogger's Blaze fun cup:

    City Kart Racing prods new Facebook app at Blogger's Blaze

    Finally, there's now a Facebook application that actually encourages people to get off their lazy bums and jump into the driver's seat. And to get the word out on their new online feature, City Kart Racing (CKR) Makati rounded up some of the most enthusiastic webbies around town for a day's experience on track at the Blogger's Blaze Fun Cup 2011 last month.

    Safety First
    With six years of experience in the karting industry, City Kart Racing should have no problems helping more than two dozen anxious amateurs get a grip with the sport. As manager Jean-Marc “Jeff” Freihuber explains it, “Our mission is to provide a racing experience that is safe, exhilarating, and accessible. We are very particular with safety, so we take the time to teach people and employ enough marshals on track to keep everything in check.” That's why before letting everyone loose on track to have the chance to turn it into a destruction derby, we had a quick classroom lesson to get us acquainted with the basic safety rules.

    These go-karts might seem like toys, but mind you, they're more than capable of hitting 70 km/h in CKR's indoor track and pull more G-forces than an average touring car. But with proper safety equipment and a little bit of guidance, motor racing can be a safe and fun sport. In fact, CKR offers one of, if not the quickest and best-equipped rental go-karts in the country.

    Adding to the thrill of racing, City Kart Racing recently launched their online app, taking bragging rights to a whole new level. It not only records lap times and race results, but also sends you a copy via e-mail. Furthermore, it shares them on Facebook so you can gloat to your friends. There is, however, a more functional side to it. The avid karter can make the most out of this online feature as it lets them keep track of their best lap times, race results, and CKR's lap record - crucial information that should help any driver know if they're getting any quicker. The timing software used is the only available one in the country, and CKR provides this added service absolutely free of charge.
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