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    Quote Originally Posted by theveed View Post
    hold on a sec po...

    OZONE machine is different from IONIZER machines.

    Please don't confuse the two.

    Ozonators or ozone fogging machines produce O3 gas by adding a single molecule of oxide into our air (O2). Since organic matter doesn't survive in an O3 environment, organic odors are eliminated. The car is usually sealed when the ozonator is ran, then it needs to air out before anyone can enter the sealed premises. Ozonators are NOT harmful if no body is present when the machine is ran.

    Ionizer simply releases a negative ions that attract itself to positive odor ions, thereby cancelling each other and removing the odor. This is TOTALLY harmless. It's being used extensively in hospitals, hotels, bars/clubs, etc. Go to the billiard hall in Rockwell, they have a big one there.

    agree po ako ^_^.. safe po mga tsikoteer

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    Mar 2010
    i have bought one of these car n driver ang brand, and it says dun sa box "Ozone free". curious lang does it also remove the smell of my car freshner?

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use of ozonisers/ionizers in your car is unsafe for you