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    Mar 2009
    nice thread sir... ako sir may ari ng mitsu 1998.. kakapalit ko pa lang to HID.. san po pwede magparetrofit?

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    Mar 2009
    Quote Originally Posted by trekker16 View Post
    nice thread sir... ako sir may ari ng mitsu 1998.. kakapalit ko pa lang to HID.. san po pwede magparetrofit?
    sir ask ko rin if you can do retrofitting sa kotse ko... mitsu lancer 98... gusto ko ma-maximize ung recently added HID ko... and be safe to other drivers..

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    Mar 2009
    sir nighthawk... kotse ko po mistu lancer 98... kapapa install ko pa lang ng HID... pede po pa iparetrofit ito? gumagawa po ba kayo? after reading your thread, gusto ko iapgawa ung kotse ko for retrofitting to maximize yung HID and be safe to other drivers...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reepicheep View Post
    Do 55w HID kits produce the same heat in comparison to stock halogen 55/60w bulbs? I'm a bit concerned if my clear lens would darken / have discoloration if I switch to HID.
    with regards to the temperature, its really not conclusive. Especially the 55w ballasts. HID are designed at 35W only as per OEM specifications. Boosting it to 55W is always a risk that people take for the sake of better intensity.
    The after effects varies from car to car, depending on how the headlamp was designed.

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    if your mitsu 98 lancer has a clear type headlamps then it can be retrofitted.

    bro kindly check the other threads dito sa tsikot regarding on who's doing retrofits etc. lets make this thread as informative as much as possible and not a means to promote/sell something.

    from what i can see naging selling section na itong Car Lights and Lamps Talk section ng tsikot.

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    Jun 2009
    sir NH,

    pls PM me how much pa-HID for a 2009 honda city. tyvm!

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    Apr 2011
    Hello po, thanks for the very useful info. I'm a real noob at this so I was hoping you could help me. I have a 98 civic and my headlight is really faded (beyond detailing), so the light coming out of it is very dim. Plus, my windshield is fully covered with 3m tint. I forgot the specifics about my tint but Im sure its not that dark since I can still see clearly at night from the inside of my car.

    Anyway, I would just want to have a brighter light and Im not sure if I should consider HID. What Im sure is that I need to replace my headlights. And if that is not enough to satisfy my need for brighter lights, I will be turning my head to HID. So here are my questions:

    1.Where do you recommend I buy or have it installed? I live in Sta. Mesa not far from banawe. Any particular shops you could recommend?
    2.Whats the current cost to have a retrofitted HID installed in your car?
    3.I heard from a friend that once you install HID, you wont be able to use your high beam, or flashing your light is a no no as it might shorten the life of your HID. Is this true?


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    Jul 2008
    Sir NH,

    Can you pm me how much it will cost to retrofit my Xtrail with Bi-xenon projectors 4300K. If possible, send me quote for entry level, mid level and high end. I am presently using H4 Hi-lo 4300K and not happy with the result.

    I also sent you same inquiry to your email add.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Jul 2006
    I spoke to NightHawk over the phone a few days ago and he said, he is now retired from doing retrofit services. He is concentrating on his main business.

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    Mar 2009
    Kay GaryQ nalang kayo ....

Things to know when upgrading to HID