On an EK Civic, reviewing the wiring diagram and all the wires and relays, and it looks like even a bulb rated at 120W is still within electrically permissible. But the added heat compared to using 55\60W bulbs could damage the lenses though, especially for long night drives.

Just the same though, I would still recommend upgrading the wiring with relays, whenever upgrading the bulbs. If your using the stock wattage bulbs then including relays into the circuitry will only result to protecting the lower current circuit at the switch side from the high-current circuit at the bulb-battery end, assuming the current wirings are in good shape... as opposed to concluding it will add more brightness.

Share ko lang po.

OT: Anybody here have experienced upgrading wiring and relays on EK's? Saan pong shop okay magpagawa nito? (di ko po kabisado i-DYI eh).