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    Usually nagkakaproblem yung naka HI-Low. Wala pa akong naririnig na problem sa Single Beam.

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    Mar 2005
    hi/low talaga yung nagkakaproblem...

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    Oct 2002
    Sorry for the late reply, medyo naging busy, oo nga more on hi low ngayon ang nag kaka problema we have encounter some also for our HiD but its just a matter of Cleaning the unit for us More on nagkakameron ng Dust particles ung HiLow Wings, and we can clean it for you, if there are problems.

    We also have encounter some problems due to the wrong way ng mga installers nattwist nila ung ground wire and sumasabit sa wings. kasi pag pasok ng HiLow ni ttwist nila ung Likod ng bulb instead na hawakan ng Holder ng bulb para i shoot sa lalagyan na H4.

    So far thats what happen in regard to the mechanism.

    Now we also encounter lately bulb that are not reaching their full potential, this is due to the Constant turning On & Off ng HiD which is going to shorten the lifespan ng bulb, we would like to remind the users of HiD that its useless to use the FLASHING MODE bec. the HiD needs at least 10 sec. to turn on. if you are driving during the day with your HID low beams off, and do a couple of flashes with your high beam, you will notice that your HiD system will be working like crazy. Startup time for HiD system is up to 10 seconds, so flashing like this will only decrease life of your HiD bulbs.
    Its much better to open the HiD completely and then switch to Hi & low than to turn it off then turn it on. Even on a stop light in the evening you dont need to turn off the HiD.

    Hope this helps...

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    Nov 2002
    dito ka na din pala dexter. its nice to hear tips from the master mo mchid :D hehehehe

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    So lets say you turn on your HID for several mins, can I flash it (using the Hi-beam ofcourse )? Will this shorten the lifespan of the bulb? Ok lang ba pa engine wash with an HID system installed? TIA.

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    Yea odell matagal na akong di naka sali sa forum dito but when Tsikot started naging member na ako, kaya nakuha kong Dexter ang username ko hehehe...
    Yes you can, Flash it Hi-Low once you open the HiD, there will be no problem, just don't switch it like crazy (playing with it) as long as you use it in a correct way, there will be no problem, Actually we suggest you open the HiD even in the morning if you are going to Flash or overtake continuosly, you can then just switch to hi & low instead of flashing.

    Our HiD ballast & igniter are capable of operating underwater so there will be no problem in Floods or in high pressure washing, the HiD Bulb waterproofing needs depends on the Headlight assembly, although we have tested the bulb, that it will still operate underwater. Now the question is, if the HiD is operating for hours, it will surely be Hot, When cold water comes in contact with a Hot bulb, either it will break the glass or it will continuosly work ? ... now that will depend on your luck.

    Additional Info, as you well know some of the parts installed in engines are relays and diodes, you should take extra precautions that they are in there upright position, coz at this positions the water will not be able to reach the pins, the pins are easily corroded if there is standing water in it.

    Hope this helps...

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