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    Aug 2012
    visibility during rain depends on the color temperature of your light. yellow light is best for heavy downpour. use fog lights together with your headlights.

    Osram Fog Breaker = 2700K
    Standard Halogen = 3000K
    HID (White by Yellow Light) = 4300K
    HID (Deep White Light) = 6000K
    HID (White by Blue Light) = 8000K

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    Oct 2002
    If the visibility question is specific to the retrofit done by garyq, then rest assured you are getting the best visibility for the gear being installed. gary will not slap on 8000K bulbs for sure. i think he works with 4300K and 5000K mainly.

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    thanks for your kind words guys!

    you need to use the right color temp and of course you need to see output in lumens. Gumusut is correct. I always get this question on HID being flashed, na meron concerns sa longevity. This issue started with cheap ballasts and bulbs being sold by many auto accessory shops and online sellers. Sa oem quality HID systems, walang issue na ganyan. You will see better sa rain.

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    Oct 2002
    ^Actually, quality HID systems do provide longevity. My 10 year old McCullochs are still working well- and that's with about 5 years of use by the family drivers who just love to flash.

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    Apr 2014
    Sir Gary, bago na cell phone number mo? cant seem to reach you

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    May 2014
    Hi sir, may i know the prices of stage 2 and 3? And gano po katagal gawin..For vios 2014 po, thank you!

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    Apr 2014
    TYVM Sir Gary... Very Satisfed! Awesome work!

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    Oct 2014
    Sir gary, my car has a stock HID projector pero yellow yung light. i want to make it a bright white HID. Can I retain the stock HID projector pag pinagawa ko? sayang din kasi eh. Mazda 3 2006 2.0R yung car sir.

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    Jun 2006
    *GaryQ: Sir, may I ask and I'm sorry if this has been asked before. I have a Nissan Sylphy (sentra usdm) 1.8V that comes with stock xenon (35w d2S) for low and halogen (h9) for high. Is it possible to make the stock projector into bi-xenon? How much would it cost and how long will the retrofitting take? Is it possible to bring it early in the morning and get it in the afternoon, same day?

    b. There's an online seller claiming to sell "clear koito projector lens" for projector upgrade. Is it true and accurate what he says that stock projectors are "detuned" or frosted? From your experience and expertise, what is the purpose for "detuning" them, if so? Would it really increase the illumination if clearer lens are used? Is there a drawback for such "upgrade"?

    c. I've seen somewhere that you sell 50w xenon. Do I definitely need to also upgrade my ballasts or will the stock be able to drive the extra 15w? If I need to upgrade, how much? is there a 50w 4300K or only 6000K?

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    rob: sa age ng oto and the HID system palitin na talaga yung bulbs nyan and I repaired a few mazda6 already. You can change the bulbs to 5000k but dont go higher coz mag drop yung performance nung lighting setup mo.

    horsepower: we can install bixenon projectors and change the stock bulbs (if your stock bulbs are entry level type). If the stock projectors are not very good incl the bulbs then you can see a considerable increase. I need to see the car first to make my final recommendation.

    2. we install clear lens projectors only. too much talk by so many sellers with little experience

    3. I dont install 50w setups anymore, matagal na rin. use stock ballasts and wiring harness. pm me or sms 0908 8183545

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