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    Hi sir Gary, sent you an email. Pacheck na lang po sir.

    Thanks a lot po.

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    copy, pa pm sir nung address po sa office nyo, kung may sun cell po kayo pa pm narin po call po kita sir ^^


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    An exciting day of re-retrofit:

    Someone came to the shop last night to ask what's wrong with his 8 month old retrofit. He got it from a shop in QC and availed of their so called stage1. Off the bat, and info for all, our packages are totally different from what's being offered by other shops. Different bulbs, ballasts, projectors and retrofit process. Today this guy sold his setup to another hccp member and they came to the shop to do the transfer and the retrofit. Go through the pictures and see the OLD and the NEW. There are many shops and retrofitters suggesting packages and setups that are not based on good science and experience and the buyers, most of the time ends up having a lighting system that has poor output and reliability. Get to know your retrofitter, ask questions, visit the shop, ask for referrals and feedback before you jump in. Problems with OLD retrofit, very low quality projector, bulbs and ballasts. Wrong mounting technique on the projectors and because of this, height of cutoff cannot be properly adjusted. Improper alignment, up/down and side to side. Wrong sealing. Wrong ballasts wattage. It was also interesting that the client paid the same amount as our entry level setup and paid an additional 2.5k to upgrade to a 55w ballasts which we would not suggest.

    right City: with our retrofit
    left City: the old retrofit

    Customer went back several times to the old shop as they cannot solve the sealing situation and the headlight ended have being smothered by butyl from the outside. Really ugly!

    something we've seen so many times. rear part not properly sealed causing moisture to go inside the HL

    After our retrofit, this is how we seal. No fancy hot melt glue machine. Just the right know how and technique

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    The new retrofit:

    The old wiring harness was haphazardly installed, the ballasts zip tied and hanging on the the engine bay.

    This is the layout of the new wiring harness. Properly laid out, fuse holders and modules bracketed, ballasts mounted OEM style.

    output of our stage2 retrofit on the left running * 35woutput and the 8 month old retrofit on the right running at 55w

    You can see that the output of the old retrofit is already diminished considerably in just 8 months. I estimate that in the next 6 months, the old projectors will need to be changed already.

    zero hotspot on the old retrofit at the right, good hotspot of the new retrofit on the middle

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    Hi sir Gary, just to confirm if you have received my email?

    From xxxemail* - sent to your yahoo email.

    Thanks sir

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    Quote Originally Posted by prince777 View Post
    Hi sir Gary, just to confirm if you have received my email?

    From xxxemail* - sent to your yahoo email.

    Thanks sir

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    pls re-send it to garyq7*
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    ^ok sir send ko po uli.


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    I've been getting several inquiries about LED lighting systems and I think it is high time we clear the air, so to speak. As the pioneer in projectors retrofits, we have been testing this technology and making sure there we can offer something that is useful to our customers and with the necessary after sales support. Let's now go to the FAQs:
    1. What is a LED Projector? These are projectors used for automotive lighting with LEDs as its light source. The projectors are designed only for LED type light source. This is different from LED daytime running lights or other LED markers now commonly used in the park lights, DRL and angel eyes.

    2. How does it work? Instead of halogen or HID bulbs, the light source of these projectors are light emitting diodes or LEDs. It is also placed inside the projectors with the necessary LED drivers and cooling system. LED drivers are used to properly power up the LEDS as normally LEDs will not run directly on 12v and you need a constant current output driver to make them light up.

    3. Is this the future of automotive lighting? Yes

    4. Is it being offered as a lighting option by car manufacturers? Yes, in the U.S and Europe, many high end cars now have these and even ordinary sedans are starting to use this lighting system.

    5. What's the advantage of LEDs to HIDs? LED light source has the potential to have a longer service lifetime than HID bulbs.

    6. It is more powerful than HID systems, i.e can I see more vs. an HID system?
    It depends on what type of HID system you have. If you have a factory HID projector setup then it will not offer any advantage on lighting performance. The same way if you have a proper projector retrofit. If you have a stock halogen setup then for sure it is a better lighting system. LED systems are of course much better than plug and play HID setup or a poorly executed retrofit. TO SAY IN GENERAL THAT LED LIGHTING SYSTEMS ARE BETTER THAN HID SYSTEM IS MISLEADING AND NOT ENTIRELY ACCURATE.

    7. Why is it then that car manufacturers are moving towards these systems? Iphone5s is a great smartphone but Apple needs to continue making money so everyone is salivating over Iphone6 right? LED system does have the potential of simpler system and longer service lifetime over HID.

    8. Are you offering LED projector retrofits now? NO, not yet. Many of the lighting innovation in HID projector retrofits was started by us for the last 6 years. We attained a certain level of success because we first make a long term trial on parts or packages we offer, we study the systems and make sure we can offer something that will last.

    9. I want an LED projector setup now? What are the advantage/s?

    a. On lighting performance, I will be hard pressed to enumerate an advantage over a proper hid projector retrofit. Possibly the light source will last longer plus the LED drivers. OEM leds now run at 5000-5500k same as used by the Accord and LandCruiser. We actually saw the output of these cars and frankly speaking with over 400 retrofits, we were not blown away by the output. The technology gave me goose bumps though

    b. You will be the first kid on the block to have one.

    10. What are the disadvantages?

    a. Cost. There are no aftermarket projector right now designed specifically for LED light source. You can only get LED projectors from Japan which WHICH WILL HAVE THE WRONG CUTOFF coz they are running right hand drive aside from being expensve. A better alternative would be LED projectors from the US which we are going to test now coz these ones will have the right cutoff.

    b. After sales support. These are OEM systems and they are expected to last for years but even oem parts will fail from time to time. If the driver fails, what do you do if you don't have a spare LED driver? These drivers are not off the shelf parts that you can buy locally unlike HID ballasts. This is actually the MAIN REASON why we are not offering these systems yet. We want to have the necessary parts if ever something breaks.

    - We will post comparative lighting outputs for these systems, halogen vs. HID projectors vs LED projectors. We have our own light meter to measure the output in lumens. Driving around with LEDs without any comparison will not cut it for us.

    - We will retrofit oem led projectors ONLY if we can get spare parts in hand so that the client is protected against any manufacturing defect.
    You would not want to wait weeks or months to get your retrofit fixed right?

    This technology in retrofit application is in its infancy. Not the LED technology itself but if we will use it as a retrofit option. We need to have aftermarket LED projectors and LED drivers to bring the cost down and to make parts readily available. It is the same way when HID projector retrofit started 8 years ago. The time for LED PROJECTORS will come for retrofit application!

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    Gary, can you pm me price for stage 2 and stage 3 hid retrofit for 2004 ford lynx rs. Thanks.

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    Hi Gary, pls pm price for stage 1 hid retrofit for vios 2014. Also the 1 with the DRL... Tnx

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