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    Jul 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by garyq View Post
    We also made custom festoon bulbs for the map light, dome light and the cargo light plus custom white ambient lighting to follow the fading of the dome/park lights.
    Sir, just wanna know. You cited "custom festoon bulbs" meaning you did make them yourselves sir? Or you just upgraded the interior lights so it looks like "customed"?

    Also, you said the festoon bulbs retains the fading of the dome/park lights, meaning your custom bulbs are still halogen/filament? Because I haven't seen a LED festoon bulb does a fading behaviour.

    Please englighten me sir. Thanks!

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    we made the our own festoon bulbs using leds and our board. Yes it fades.

    Old school BMWs

    my dream German cars, a 725 tds ( 6 cylinder diesel engine, wow!) and another E36 na rare. Who says old peeps cannot have a new set of eyes, hahaha. LASIK procedure using OEM packages!

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    Feb 2014
    Quote Originally Posted by garyq View Post
    Who says old peeps cannot have a new set of eyes, hahaha.
    I like the thought sir, because I am hesitant to bring my old Honda City '97 and make it retrofit by yours. I just thought it don't deserve the LASIK treatment anymore. hehe

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    This Vios was first retrofitted by a shop in QC last Feb2014. Customer was so disappointed with the results because one side was flickering (output was not steady), projectors were moving!, one side was leaking and the overall quality of the retrofit was so bad he had to return 3 times in 1 month. The worst was when we discovered the reflector bowl was damaged when the projectors were forced to move during alignment. The bowl had several 3" long cracks! We had to change the complete wiring harness and HID system and remounted the projectors aside from fixing the reflector bowl. The previous shop also suggested LED fogs which were completely useless and mounted improperly. it was glued to the facia plate of the fog lamps so the output was pointed way down and way out. There was a 2k difference between our packages and the previous shop used a cheap HID system which is even inferior to our entry level setup. The sealant was butyl type which we stopped using several years ago.

    -The retrofiter should provide all the necessary information so that any client can make an informed decision.
    - Being the one who should know, the retrofitter should explain the pros and cons of any setup and should not suggest any setup that will be useless or glare other motorists.

    The old retrofit, leaking side:

    Old ballast mounting:

    we've always mounted our ballasts OEM style if there is a provision for this or we make brackets to mount it rigidly, i.e it does not vibrate.

    Butyl sealing smothered on top of the HL, we stopped using this many years ago.

    fuse zip tied and dangling

    our wiring harness:

    fuse and relay modules are rigidly mounted with brackets and properly labelled. Separate module for HL and FL. all our terminals are coated with contact grease and hand crimped.

    harness are covered with split loom and routed same way as the original harness for a clean install

    You wont see the ballasts coz it was mounted rigidly on the body with brackets

    our headlight and foglight retrofit

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    Feb 2007
    Hello sir gary.

    My friend wants his Tucson 2012 headlights to be modified. He sent an email(yahoo-q7*) and still waiting for your feedback.

    Appreciate your time sir. Hopefully you can respond soon.

    Here is his email: joelito.brazil*


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    Mar 2004
    Which shop did this? So we can avoid it.

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    May 2006
    Sir Gary, start from scratch ba ulit yung Vios? Palit lahat ng parts (harness/projectors/balllasts)?
    Ang pangit ng mounting ng ballast ha. Pwedeng magrattle o mahulog sa isang matinding lubak.

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    prince: I emailed him na. wala ako natanggap na email


    The purpose of this post is not to embarrass a shop so I wont post the name of the shop. I posted this
    for the benefit ng lahat na planning to do a retrofit:

    - careful in choosing your retrofitter. ask around, ask around alot to get feedbacks and not just likes sa FB,hehe.
    - apple to apple ba? many packages are being mis-represented. dito maraming naloloko.
    - see the shop for yourself and you can easily gauge the quality of work na you can expect. Maayos ba shop? meron bang system? tools? mga technicians?
    - talk to the owner and ask questions. technical ba yung owner? knowledgeable ba? presented ba lahat ng pros and cons on all packages?

    according to the owner of the Vios, the shop accepted to do his retrofit at 4pm and they finished 3am in the morning! During our first year, meron mga retrofits kami nagawa na ganito katagal and I know what it does to the quality of work. This is the reason why all our retrofits are scheduled kasi gusto ko relaxed pace coz it translates to a better retrofit and that we can finish it in one day.

    Hindi ko na pinalitan yung projectors kasi acceptable output naman pero wow the bulbs they installed are the cheapest one you can get na aftermarket, considering stage2 daw. We changed the harness, ballasts, bulbs, fixed the broken reflector bowl, removed all the sealant gunk, re-painted the bowl. Nga end up mas mahirap pa yung retrofit vs. a fresh setup. The mounting of the projectors was also changed coz the old mounting style is wrong kaya nasira yung bowl.

    Normally I dont accept fixing other retrofits kasi the last person na humawak will be responsible pero kaawa kasi yung owner. He ended up spending an extra 15k when he decided to get the first retrofit.

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    Feb 2007
    Thank you sir Gary. ;)

    Will advise him right away.

    I have a shop in mind, my guess will be as good as yours.(QC-Cubao area?)


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    May 2006
    Ok lang sir. Not expecting you to name names naman.
    I was just curious kung ano ang mga sablay sa 1st retro.
    BTW, is that a hyluxtek ballast igniter peeking sa pic ng passenger side headlight?

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