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    Quote Originally Posted by cherlie View Post
    Sir san po shop niyo?gusto ko rin sana ipamod yung mga ilaw ng 2014 vios ko
    pls see details here,

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    Our aftermarket package with OEM style daylight running lights plus LED signal indicators. An exclusive offer from featuring our very own custom daylight running lights, double intensity for DRL function in the morning and reduced output when you turn ON your park lights. This is automatically done by our own driver/module we developed for this DRL. The amber/orange LEDS are used for turn indicators while a 3.0" oem spec bixenon projectors were mounted to produce maximum lighting with zero glare. Ballasts and wiring harness are mounted OEM style. We don't just install hid projectors and led bars, we design and create lighting systems!

    double intensity output, DRL and driving mode

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    Focus DRL, 2 dual intensity setup
    oem style wiring harness

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    Sep 2013
    Hi sir. Nakapag backread narin po ako. Ask ko lang I assume projector type na ang mazda 3 2007 so does this mean na salpak nalang ng hid? Or ano po ba gagawin gusto ko sana sir ng 8000k na hid pero walang masisilaw. Saan po shop niyo sir? Thanks

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    Ciz: we will change your halogen projectors to HID projectors and 4300k not 8000k. wala sa color temp yung glare. 4300k will produce 3200 lumens per bulb while 8000k is only half of that. Will PM you.

    We are bringing this to the MIAS 2014.

    Hyundai Genesis 2014 turbo
    quad setup

    We changed the stock HID single xenon projectors with bixenon projectors with better cutoff and more intense output + HID projectors for HI side + our very own custom LED daylight running lights and turn signal indicators. The inside was also painted with Dupont semi-gloss black and the swoosh or curve was matched to the body color for some color accent inside the HL.

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    Oct 2013
    Sir garyq thanks sa pag accomodate ng hidretro ng trooper ko at such a short notice. Ayos na sya ngaun para sa malabo kong mata!!!

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    Hi Gary,
    I tried sending you a PM but your inbox is full.
    Would like to know how much it would cost to have my Ranger fitted with HID. Am curious of the following packages:

    1. PnP HID (I remember you offered this a few months back, but can't find it on your site anymore)
    2. Stage 2 projectors
    3. Stage 3 (OEM) projectors

    Also, I want my headlight housing to be smoked (similar to the Wildtrak Ranger). Let me know if that entails additional cost too.
    Lastly, how long would it take to have my headlamps converted to HID?


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    jut: PMd you na.

    Did this a couple of weeks back. Nothing like a new challenge to get our creative juice pumping. Customer wanted a quad setup on his Strada. There is an aftermarket headlamp but the output is terrible and angel eyes are ccfl. Aside from that the aesthetic side is bad. So the owner bought a spare set of HL and we did this custom setup na one off design. Quad setup using OEM 3" bixenon projectors sa outer part nung HL and halogen HIGH for the inner. Also we installed quad BMW style angel eyes for DRL and driving function.

    This came out cheaper than getting an aftermarket HL and retrofitting with 2.5" projectors. With this setup, you get the aesthetics and the function of an OEM lighting system. win-win.

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    Sir Gary i referred you to my officemate(joel) and he will send you an email shortly regarding his inquiry.

    His unit is 2012 Tucson.


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    fourstring: your inbox is full

    prince: thanks bro

    quad HID projector T6 Ranger with BMW style angel eyes + matching daylight running lights

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