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    Jan 2013
    Sir garyq, magkano ba budget ng stage 3 headlight for starex 2000?

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    Dec 2012
    Sir Gary, do you hid solution for Chevy trailblazer 4x4. Hindi kse ako satisfied sa existing light. Naka projector na yung stock. Upgrade sana ako. Tnx

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    guys: sent you all a PM

    Some projects last week:

    Pajero Fieldmaster, Stage3 HL and 70mm fog retrofit, best lighting setup for this SUV.

    Mitsubishi Adventure. Stage3 setup on aftermarket headlamps with quad angel eyes. This was sent down South.

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    something new and interesting for us. Complete LED tail light retrofit for Isuzu Crosswing using OEM LEDs.

    - Park light consist of 9 LEDs running on dual intensity, LO at park, Hi at brakes
    - Custom led array below the parkights for brake function, all OEM leds
    - 4 Philips Lumileds on the side for visibility when backing up on the sides.
    - Another set of Lumileds retrofit on the bumpers functioning as park lights.
    - 2 10w leds under the bumper for reverse lighting

    Here are the pix:





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    Feb 2010
    Sir Gary how long is the Lifespan ng LED light for tail lights? How do you replace the LED lights pag napundi na? Paano kung partial lang ang napundi, do you need to replace the whole set ng LED?

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    oem leds are rated between 50,000- 100,000 hours! so wala na yung kotse gumagana pa yan

    pwede palitan per piece yung retrofit ko. Most oem led setups designed na buo palitan kasi matrabaho palitan per piece.

    Another first for us, 2012 Mitsubishi Mirage, this car is so cute, hahaha

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    Apr 2010

    Spotted Advie ni Dante! haha..

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    hiro: pinahirapan ako ni Dante sa ambient lighting nya, hehe. adjustable intensity, pwede ON independently, tapos hanggang likod meron

    Got to finally do this as I started to import directly Osram NB's and Philips XV and I am starting to offer a unique plug and play HID bulb only for H4 headlights.

    Comparing the outputs:

    headlights are Jazz GD, 1st Gen
    same CAM settings on all

    Stock Osram bulbs (from casa) vs. Osram Night Breaker Plus

    stock vs. Philips Xtreme Vision (XV)

    I measured light output in LUX with a light meter:

    stock halogen bulb = 80-100 lux
    Osram NB = 150-170 lux
    Philips XV = 150-170 lux

    There is a considerable difference between the stock halogen bulb and the NB or XV.

    Between NB and XV

    In actual and same with the pic, it is very hard to see the difference.

    I lowered the headlights to see the actual width of the bulb output. This is showing one headlight:

    Even here, it is very hard to see a width difference although I can see a slight advantage of the XV. I work with headlight output everyday so I can see some small differences but for an everyday, normal driver, this will be very hard to see.

    These are all ORIGINAL AND GENUINE Osram NightBreaker Plus and Philips XV H4's from Germany. Some people say mas matibay yung Philips XV but we need see this first sa long term use. I will also try to do some testings sa H7 or H11 bulbs. All bulbs are now available. Sobrang daming fake na ganito, I went around to check. I am offering the bulbs with FREE installation and alignment of headlights.

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    And now for the interesting NEW product that we have.

    There are some people who want a considerable increase in lighting output but don't want to open their headlights (they want the original look) or can't afford the entry level setup.

    We can now offer a plug and play 4300k HID bulb ONLY for H4 headlights that will increase the lighting output by 2.5x and NOT cause glare to other motorists. There are some limitations:

    1. It is available only for H4 headlights, meaning WALA for HB4, HB3, H1 or any other bulb type. Pls dont ask kasi wala talaga.
    2. The cutoff is not as sharp as orig HID reflectors or even close to an HID projector
    3. The light spread is also inferior to an HID projector

    The advantage:

    1. Priced lower than my stage1 setup
    2. Minimal glare if adjusted properly
    3. Plug and play

    The bulb is stationary and not moving like the magnetic, telescopic, etc you find in Banawe. There is a shield or cover that moves like this OEM HID reflectors of a JDM headlight

    For HIGH output, the "payong" or cover moves down. The PnP H4 that we have is the same. There is a shield that moves when you flick the High switch. We cannot get the same uniform spread as the orig HID reflectors because we are using halogen reflectors. You can see the pic above that there is a inner bowl that catches the HID bulb output. Iba talaga yung design.

    For the output:

    same CAM setting eto so you can already see the difference sa "tingkad" ng output. The hid bulb is 4300k. The cutoff of the PnP H4 is not sharp but there is a cutoff. Hindi nakakasilaw if you look at it sa front.

    Comparing the widths:

    You can see here na hindi malayo sa width as physically naka set na yung design nung reflector bowl but the intensity is another story. Mas malakas pa rin yung HID bulb.

    Output of the PnPH4 is 350-390 lux so meron talagang considerable difference.

    I am offering this as a package including the bulb with the mechanism, ballasts and wiring harness plus installation and headlight adjustment.
    I WILL NOT sell just the bulbs so please do not ask. The bulb type of the PnPH4 is D2S so this is another advantage coz you can use an OEM bulb or aftermarket tapos madali hanapan ng kapalit. The solenoid is tested for 1M actuations so quality talaga.

    I want to be able to make the right adjustments para hindi nakakasilaw yung output. I will not sell parts that will, in any way compromise the safety of other motorists.

    Here is a width comparison between Philips XV, PnPH4 and single S30 hid projectors.

    Iba talaga ang HID Projectors

    PM for pricing.
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    Jan 2012
    Hi Gary,

    Kamusta idol?

    Going strong yung Stage 3 na ininstall mo sa GE ko. FTW talaga.

    Anyway, ask ko lang magkano kung pagawa ako fogs for the GE? Pasend naman ako quote idol.


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