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    Quote Originally Posted by shok View Post
    Different halogen projectors react differently with regards to glare. If you are lucky that there is minimal or no glare, the output will improve in brightness but distance and width will almost be the same since these are dependent of the projector's bowl design which didn't change.

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    Has anybody had any experience on stock Santa Fe (08 model) used a hid?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Chikselog View Post
    Ano kayang cause nito?

    Projector - YouTube

    Nagsstuck up madalas. Pag pinalo babalik sa lo. Bihira na lang yung di sya magloloko kaya di ko na ginagamit hi beam. Kaysa makasilaw ako.

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    Bro kita ko yung video and based sa mga napapanuod kong mechanism ng high/low is malaki yung chance na yung solenoid ang may issue dyan. na-s-stuck sya.

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    Ano kaya problem nung hid ko. Pag initial na bukas ayaw niya umilaw. Kelangan ko pa iflash o high beam para siya umilaw then saka ko ibabalil sa low. Minsan namamatay pa rin kaya flash ulit ako para umilaw. Mga 2 years na rin ata yung projector. Gen 3 ata yung sa akin. Kelangan na kaya palitan ung bulb? San ok bumili? Thanks

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    Feb 2011
    hi sir, for those na nag retrofit or bolt-on

    okay rin ba gamitin to as pass or flashing light? or pag nag retro fit na, kailangan bawasan yung pag flash ng headlights?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chyll2 View Post
    hi sir, for those na nag retrofit or bolt-on

    okay rin ba gamitin to as pass or flashing light? or pag nag retro fit na, kailangan bawasan yung pag flash ng headlights?
    If you used BiX in your retrofit, and your low beams ARE ALREADY ON you can use the flash your lights as it only flips down the solenoid blocking the light. You can do this everytime till your car is old and gray. No need to change your habit.

    Remember that this instance is applicable only when your HIDs are in low beam. Doing otherwise will stress your ballast and bulb.
    Also, it won't work (high beam won't light up) as HIDs needs 4-5 seconds of warming up before going full brightness, much unlike halogen bulb.

    Hope this help clear things up.

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    i guess, i need to look for other options since I rely too much on high beam during the day as pass light more than using the horn (unless I always use the HL even in the day)

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    ^ Fast HIDs are already in the market. You don't need a second to turn them on.

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    Was at Circuit Makati last night to check on the Kart track. May ilaw na nga, so pwede nang mag-night race ala Singapore! Anyhow, only the track was lit so I took this chance to photograph the output of the bixenon MH1 (c/o Pao).

    I didn't step out of the GS anymore. The camera was positioned roughly above left side view mirror.

    Low Beam only

    High Beam (of the projector and the oem high beams)
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    Q5-R / Philips 85122/ Matsushita Gen V Ballast

    Location: Greenfield towards Mamplasan tollgate

    Low Beam and High Beam

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    hello po. i've read this thread from page one. Please advise what would be a decent setup for my B14 sentra. Planning to get Koito Q5 kasi parang siya yung nakikita ko na ok ang reviews. Kakasya kaya yung projector sa headlight ng B14? Saka iniisip ko po kung oorder ako online or mas mabuti na dito nalang. sa mga nagreretrofit para sa warranty claims

Bolt-on bi-xenon projectors