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    Feb 2006
    mga sir,

    if lets say you visit a showroom and you decided to get certain model of a vehicle how do you approach an SA, that you want this car but you want to get it thru a bank loan?

    do you have to pay him a reservation fee ?then? i proceed to a bank right ?then apply for a car loan,submit all the needed docs and wait?how long does it usually take for the bank to approve a car loan?

    after the approval from the bank , what do i do do i need to inform thecSA /car dealer that the loan has been approved, or the bank and the car dealer will communicate with each other at sa sideline lang ba ako and wait na lang till they say that the car is ready for pickup?

    where do i pay the downpayment?will the reservation fee be reimbursed or deducted?

    very sorry for a long inquiry bros, i am very clueless in this kind of things , puro kasi 2nd hand kotse namin dati e

    hope somebody can please enlighten me about this things

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    Feb 2006
    anyone pls help|?

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    Jan 2010
    bro im processing a loan with PS to get my strad...

    what i did was talk to the Bank directly (PS BANK mas madali). Mas mababa ang rate if direct sa kanila.... at the same time canvass around for dealers alrady and talk to agent..

    once may dealer na ako, I talk to the agent and tell them papa PO ko sa bank.. Then go to bank inform them what dealer so they can Issue PO

    Pay down payment with dealer, go to dealer with PO and claim unit

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    Sep 2007

    I could be of help, PM mo lang ako. Thanks and God Bless

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