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    Jan 2007
    Don't want to make a long rant but I would just like to share a few important tidbits on how stupid the people are in BPI MS.

    What happened? My car hit a bus. Went to Tagaytay, hood flipped off to the windshield, wrecked both fenders, the driver-side door and slashed the left side mirror.

    So about 2 months of bola-bola na, and this guy from BPI MS - Juancho Garcia has been fooling me since day 1. Pinapalabas na ang delay and problem are on Mazda Greenhills' part.

    You might ask what's the problem, since normal sa insurance ang matagal na processing. Well, I followed the process. Been waiting for so long and only to find out that waiting for approval pa ang LOA for the replacement or repair of the left side mirror but the replacement of HOOD, FENDERS, repair of the ROOF and other expensive costs were approved. How stupid is that? They okay'd those but not the side mirror? Freakin stupid.

    Better pa na nag-stick nalang ako sa UCPB. Kaso mom ko ang umaasikaso. Don't know how much is the diffrence between the two, but next time no more BPI. And to think that my mom is valued client of BPI.

    I hope the authorities at BPI MS gets to read this and fire that stupid freakin Juancho Garcia who hasn't been taking both my calls and my mom's. Nobody is even picking up from their hotline.

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    Aug 2006
    I'm with BPI MS for 4 years na and had 2 claims from them but never had a problem. Processing is 2 days and 3rd day lalabas na nila yung check for repair...

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    Dec 2009
    Dati nung naghahanap ako car insurance, walang sumasagot sa hotline ng BPI-MS.

    Kaya sa malayan na lang ako. Mahal ng konti pero mabilis.

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    Dec 2005

    Two months? What is with the side mirror???


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    Jan 2010
    anong kasalanan nun Juancho Garcia? if you want to blame anyone, then blame the signatories.

    probably the side mirror can still be repaired.

    kaya pala sabi mo sa other thread mo taong bahay ka at ikaw ang taga laba ng panty ng GF mo ngayon kasi wala ka kotse.

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    Dec 2007
    Nope sorry never had a problem with BPI/MS either. If anything I was impressed by how quickly they processed my claim.

    Needless to say my money goes to them for the fourth year running.

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    Mar 2009
    i disagree to the thread starter..

    BPI/MS is one of the most reliable insurance companies.
    They process car claims quickly.

    But I know an insurance company which has faster claims service - Chartis (formerly known as AIU / Philam Insurance)

    Chartis Insurance may have the highest premiums, but when it comes to claims, wala kang masabi..

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    Apr 2007
    Mabilis na naapprove yung total loss claim ko sa flooded cars, BPI MS din. Bakit ganyan ginawa sayo, Lucius?

    Lahat ng cars namin BPI MS Insurance, tapos isa lang agent para mabilis.

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    Aug 2009
    mga sir tanong ko lang, nabangga kasi kami ng motor sa likod ng sasakyan namin.. kumpleto kami sa requirements at hindi kami ang may kasalanan.. babayad parin ba kami ng participation fee para sa repairs?

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    Oct 2002
    Yes, pero dapat sana singilin mo sa driver ng motor yung participation fee para sa insurance.

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