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    Jul 2013
    Quote Originally Posted by 111prez View Post
    interesting news ...

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    hope this gets sold here at the right price.
    yung "right price" ang mahirap

    how much ba talaga dapat ang EV?

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    May 2014
    This is just I thought I've had recently.

    As more and more carmakers appear to be having interest and are actually trying to sell Hybrids and EVs into our market, I had this idea and was wondering if it is remotely feasible.

    WHY DOESN'T the DOE partner with GRAB PH and buy 1 unit of each brands locally available unit (Excluding luxury marquees or those above 2m php MSRP) and enroll it as a Grab Car/Vehicle. This way, the DOE will be able to get more "accurate" data in terms of actual real world fuel economy vs distance vs average speed, instead of strictly relying on Eco Runs? This would also be better data to inform and educate would be car buyers, as well as properly check claims made by those dealers during sales pitches (So also helping in claims against them for false marketing with the DTI)?

    The driver(s) will be a DOE Employee who is salaried and main job will be to drive for the DoE as the assigned Grab Driver for the vehicle, and will also be responsible for data logging/entry to get the data like total distance travelled, average speed, total fuel consumed (full tank method) and FC Reading vs actual FC to complete that data (or if he is not that well verse, he will be instructed what data needs to be photodocumented as it appears on the dash board of said vehicle, and submit those to the handler or head who is handling these data gathering for economy figures - both for hybrids and EVs).

    For the "income from Grab". The DoE I think should established a fixed "Take home" from Grab PH Revenue to serve as recoup of investment (+ for consummables & maintenance) made to the vehicle purchase every week/month. Any excess from that can be made as bonus to the driver. To keep it fair, the drivers would also be provided the weekly "consumable" budget for fuel via a fuel card or what have you for better logging and to avoid cash exchanges. That way, the salary/bonus of the DoE driver employee in these tests won't be consumed by their work.

    To also avoid having to let a driver be "stuck" with the least efficient/lowest kms driven among the DoE fleet, they could change vehicles every week to another vehicle (hybrid or EV) so that they are not disadvantaged through the course of the test period. This will also allow the DoE to check whether the low efficiency was driver related lead foot or really just the car itself causing that "poor performance".

    If any manufacturer will void warranty if their vehicles are made into Grab/Taxi, then they won't be included in such consideration for the testing by DoE I guess (i'm looking at you honda.) So, claims for warranty can also be checked how the manufacturer will honor warranty, especially for big ticket items like li-ion batteries and EV powertrains. The government will surely be able to put them to task just with the DTI to check their warranties as well.

    Just a thought as this would provide more proper City Driving FC Data for the public while DoE Serving it's purpose when it comes to providing efficiency/economy figures that are not just media drives or ecoruns which serve no real world purpose.

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    Jul 2009
    novel idea. pwede din nila isama yun modernized jeeps para makita ang feasablity. i partner na din nila ang denr para sa environmental aspect at ma further spread out and cost.

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