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    Quote Originally Posted by finchy18 View Post
    nice CRDi.. so Tipid right..

    but still hybrid is hybrid.. environment friendly
    i agree with this..

    imo, premium cost of hybrid: primarily = friendlier to the environment; secondary (or should i say more as a consequence ) = fuel efficiency..

    even if you do your pencil pushing, i think the 5-yr or even 10-yr fuel savings on hybrid will not suffice to offset its initial premium cost plus maintenance over 100% gas/diesel fed engines.

    so i guess, if you want to save on $$$ in the medium term, crdi is the way (well, at least, right now).

    just my :twocents:

    in a way, feeling deprived at sa sobrang higpit ng emission standards ay hindi makapasok crdi dito, though there are indications that it will arrive in 3 yRs time... WHAT!!! 3 YEARS??? :rant::rant::rant:

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    Quote Originally Posted by niky View Post
    Public Sector Winners Position/Team Vehicle Engine/Fuel MPG Cost/Mile CO2 g/km
    1. Bexley Council Toyota Prius 1.6 Petrol Hybrid 45.71 0.09 143.21
    2. Camden Council Honda Civic IMA 1.3i Petrol Hybrid 35.88 0.11 182.41
    3. Metropolitan Police Honda Civic IMA 1.4 Petrol Hybrid 31.39 0.13 208.5

    Private Sector Winners Position/Team Vehicle Engine/Fuel MPG Cost/Mile CO2 g/km
    1. Hyundai London Hyundai Getz 1.5 Diesel 45.15 0.09 165.28
    2. Capital Gold Toyota Prius 1.6 Petrol Hybrid 32.43 0.12 201.85
    3. AE Williams VW Caddy TDi 1.9 Diesel 36.53 0.12 204.31
    Sorry, I didn't have time to space the tables for the forums, but the numbers in bold are emissions. Basically, only one hybrid got better emissions scores than the Getz.

    Basically, emissions are a direct function of fuel economy. The less fuel you use, the less emissions you produce.

    The exception to this rule is the lean-burn method (fuel-stratified injection in Audi-speak... but old Honda engines also used lean-burn)... as lean burn produces NOx.

    Thus, a "dirty" diesel with good particulate filters (to remove everything else) will still produce similar or better emissions than a petrol-hybrid... I also wonder how petrol-hybrid emissions are, considering that the catalytic converters cool down when the engine is shut off. Cold catalytics = increased emissions, mayhaps?

    But in terms of pollution, Nissan's SULEV Sentra QG engines and the Ford Focus PZEV (US only) are as clean as the Prius.

    Of course, if you modify the Prius to be a Plug In Hybrid (PHEV), this brings urban emissions down to near zero levels (except for the powerplant emissions, which are statistically lower than engine emissions)

    But then, as I've said before... full-on electric vehicles make more sense in this case, if we're avoiding gas prices and stopping pollution.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ale828 View Post
    i still wonder why other car manufacturers wont bring in diesel cars and insist on hybrid ones which are overly expensive.
    There are NO diesel passenger cars in Japan (except for one, two or three in the entire country). ONly trucks and buses use diesel (parang sa Singapore and Hong Kong)

    All passenger cars sold in Japan run on gasoline/petrol using Unleaded grade (with a minimum of 95 RON to a maximum of 100-110 RON) for crude oil-based unleaded fuel.

    By August 2007, a billed will be passed and signed by Abe for the use of Biodiesel for Japanese passenger cars. In preparation, Japanese car companies are preparing for launching of newer, cleaner diesel engines starting from one year after the law is passed.

    So sa madaling salita, two more years na lamang tapos may diesel variants na tayo from JDM land

    Plans would include Honda's newly-improved i-CTDI engine launching from 2009 (to be sold in Japan, Europe and N. America). Toyota would also improve on their current diesel tech and probably an engine with 500-600+ Nm of torque for 2008-2009. Also increased usage for Mitsu's Hyper Commonrail engine due for Japan next next year.

    Two more years nalang

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    home = last on everything.


    Edit clean diesel will never come to us unless at least 10% of the population dies outright...

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