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E20 ethanol blends (20% ethanol 80% gasoline) has been found to increase internal engine wear & tear.
Heard that it was 30% that caused probs... but I believe that 20% is just as bad. Kaya nga 10% lang yung blend ngayon? Have heard from some guys that even that little will cause some rough running.

But the point of gasoline replacements is not just the cost... it's the renewability. I'd like to build a giant bacterial vat and brew enough methane under my house to supply my own fuel needs... or blow my house into space. :lol:

There is a dump in the US that uses a giant drum filled with bacteria to quickly decompose garbage. The bacterial action is so strong that in 3 days, the internal temperature of the drum is over 100 degrees and all the bacteria are dead. The offshoot of this is lots and lots of flammable gas. :D