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    Feb 2005
    Guys, I need your opinions and suggestions on which of these two autos are better.
    I only have a limited budget/time so.. I'm stuck with these two choices.
    The Innova J is 20thou cheaper than the Crosswind XT, and the XT comes with power lock and power window. I've already talked with an isuzu agent and he's finalizing some other bonuses if I decided to get the XT. But I kinda like the Innova cuz it's new
    What do you guys think? I'm not really good at engines and stuff so I don't know what to decide. My dad said something about a direct-injection diesel on the XT.... I dunno.. please advise...

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    Sep 2004
    Meron ngang Direct Injection diesel engine ang XT, or at least the entire Crosswind line. Yun ang ipinagmamalaki ng Isuzu, along with their DAT (Diesel Automatic Turbo) configuration.

    Kaya lang personally, I'm a bit iffy about Isuzu. There have been a number of complaints by Crosswind owners, mostly about rust formation, fit and finish on their vehicles. One of them, kelvin, even has a thread here about his experience with his lemon Crosswind. Tsaka malakas ang noise and vibration ng Isuzu, supposedly because they use timing chains instead of timing belts. Plus medyo underpowered ang diesel ng Isuzu, from what I've seen so far. Pero baka improved na ang power output ngayon.

    Can't comment much on the Innova. It looks promising, pero since bagong model ito, I anticipate one potential problem: parts availability. As an example, I've seen a 2004 Adventure stuck in the repair shop for almost a month after an accident, hindi magawa ng mga mekaniko kasi naubusan ng supply ng headlights, hinihintay pa yung order from abroad.
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    Oct 2002
    4 me, hands down, innova....great looks,modern vvt-i engine...dali lang pakabit ng power locks sa banawe,not sure bout the windows tho...of course diesel is still diesel so that's another if u can get the diesel innova...hehe

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    Oct 2002
    if your budget is a bit constrained get the crosswind xt. since it is already not that new, dealers won't be putting a premium on it (in the form of higher add-on interest).

    but if you can get the same rates, then the innova seems like a good deal. though expect a LONG waiting line for it.

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    Oct 2003
    hmm..with a lot of isuzu complaints regarding the crosswind in mind, i would pick innova.

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    sir strayWOLF: Get the Innova, it has newer D-4D 2.5li which has more torque and hp that the crosswind, if you prefer a gasoline powered engine the vvti won't disappoint you. But like what mazdamazda said expect a long wait... just like the 2nd Gen CRV

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    Jul 2003
    in the long run mas ok un innova ksi its new and the d-4d engine is excellent.

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    Sep 2004
    yes yes and yes for Innova, a friend of mine bought a crosswind and said " bitin sa power when in highway... whereas innova D4D accelerates in around 15-18 sec to 120kph, this is matic by the way not M/T...

    epic ;)

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    Feb 2005
    Thank's for your infos.. =) I've read about the new D-4D engine on the Innova, do you guys think it's better than the direct-injection engine that the XT has?
    I've just talked with the Isuzu dealer and he told me that the XT (aside from the power lock and window) comes with the new flex-ride suspension to lessen vibration, a 10thou discount, free LTO and tin registration, matting, seat cover, Joe bubble head (don't know what's this is), 7thou SM gift check, power steering, stepboards and a cd tuner.
    Do you guys think that with these features.. I'll get more value for my money than getting the Innova 'J'? Because the Innova J doesn't have these. Please advise again... thank's... =)

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    Sep 2004
    Kung performance ang habol mo, all those freebies won't make up for the engine's shortcomings. Even Mitsubishi's 4D56 diesel engine can outrun it anytime (I speak from experience). Supposedly ang advantage lang ng makina nito is the fuel economy.

    But if you don't see yourself taking to the highways that often anyway, well, bahala ka na. Just don't forget to throughly inspect the body. And make sure to discuss rustproofing issues with the dealer.
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