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    Oct 2002
    Kia Sorento (diesel) vs. Toyota Fortuner (gas)


    They both look good (exterior).

    They both have not-so-good interior.

    They both have attractive pricing.

    Talo ang Sorento sa 'badging', because most people discriminate against Kia. The upside sa Sorento is walang waiting period.

    Hehe you get these random thoughts just pop up in your head when you're day dreaming about your Fortuner.

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    Oct 2002
    Bro, I have the same dilemna.

    Though am still keeping my fingers crossed for the Fortuner (though am aghast on my monthly amortization).

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    Oct 2002
    Sorento and bling bling

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    Oct 2002
    Hi kimpOy!

    Can you elaborate as to why you chose the Sorento over the Fortuner?


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    Oct 2002
    maganda yung sorento (get the EX diesel though).

    quiet drivetrain, 5-speed auto, 4wd, rear LSD, good body rigidity, downside lang is interior is more cramped than fortuner's, some interior bits are rather downmarket, rear seat is far less comfortable than fortuner's.

    fortuner gas vs. sorento diesel, sa sorento ako. if only for the 4wd.

    pero kung fortuner 3.0 diesel vs. sorento diesel, fortuner 3.0 ako.

    imo, fortuner 3.0 > sorento 2.5 > montero sport > everest > alterra.

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    Oct 2002
    Yup I'm gunning for the EX. The LX is too bare, IMHO.

    I'll take a look at the Sorento sa Kia showrooms to gauge the interior space. Hopefully mas-maluwag sya sa current ride ko, '04 CR-V.

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    Oct 2002
    let me post the exact words of wolfden, offroad contributor at TopGear Phils Magazine, at

    Your in luck my friend, I just finished pounding the sorento over the week end in the Top Gear 4x4 proving grounds in tanay biggrin.gif there is a lot to say about the vehicle mostly great. Ill make a full report later.but initially....

    -Rides better than a fortuner
    -Available in crdi diesel and V 6 gas
    -very roomy
    -quiet engine and drive train
    -Tires SUCK change them when you get one!
    -Interior styling is much to be desired but liveable
    -the fortuner is still king in terms of ground clearance but approach departure and break over angle is in equal footing
    -a good option if you dont want to wait 8 months for a fortuner 1.3 m for diesel 1.2 gas
    -I wouldnt mind owning one
    Remember there ad tag line "prepare to be surprised?" its very true smile.gif Its nice to know that manufacturers are now more concious of build quality. Ex. is i wouldnt even consider owning a previous model mazda 3 coz it feels tin cannish but i bought a mazda 3 hatchback coz it feels very solid and well built nowadays...... Its the same with the sorento it feels solid and rides better than a fortuner.
    Value for money yes its has excellent value for money it s also equipped with abs the fortuner doesnt
    from the same thread

    Unlike the Fortuner, the Sorento passes both U.S. and European regulations for emissions and crash safety.

    Unlike the open-diff Fortuner, the Sorento has a rear limited-slip.

    The U.S. version has received good reviews-- especially in the value-for-money aspect.

    Though inferior off-road to the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, it is superior to many other Suvs in its $25,000 price range.

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    Oct 2002
    mas maluwag yung gen2 cr-v kesa sorento (or at least, more comfortable), particularly sa rear seat. at least, that's how it feels like to me.

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    Oct 2002
    kimpOy: Thanks! Very informative!

    mbt: Is that a typo? Mas-maluwag yung CR-V?! Is that sa rear seat lang o pati sa driver and front passenger seat?

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    Oct 2002
    yup parang mas maluwag yung cr-v. at the very least, they're very similar.

    hindi naman sa masikip yung sorento, maluwag lang talaga yung cr-v hehe. the load floor is about as big but the floor of the cr-v is significantly lower. the floor of the cr-v is lower too (thanks to monocoque chassis). the wheel wells intrude into the corners of the back seat of the sorento. the seat itself is low and puffy, compromising thigh support for adults.

    actually, come to think of it, the gen2 cr-v is definitely roomier than the much larger nissan patrol GU. blame truck-frame construction and live axles hehe.

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