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    Mar 2003
    I'm planning to buy a used van. I would like to get some feedback on both the MB100 and Urvan Escapade. Which do you think is better and why?

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    Oct 2002
    May 1996 MB100 kami and it's dead reliable. Compared to an Urvan Escapade, malayong mas masarap sakyan ang MB100 dahil single leaf lang siya sa likod.

    Space is also something an MB100 can offer dahil front wheel drive siya. Low floor, high ceiling and walang engine to separate the front passenger compartment from the rear.

    The engine is in front and is designed to be a crash absorbing structure.
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    Mar 2003
    Are the MB100's seats comfortable and adjustable? How about the parts, availability and price? Are their any variations of the MB100, other kinds of models?

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    Oct 2002
    I'd beg to differ on the MB100... i'd defintely go with the Urvan Escapade if its a second hand unit. Parts are cheaper and the thing really performs well and lasts long. The shuttle drivers i've met in the province swear by their reliability as well.

    I think the MB100 is another of the "hit or miss" vehicles. Otep may find their MB100 to be reliable but the ones of my Tito and some friends has had several major (costly) repairs and some rust problems despite being maintained regularly and well kept. These problems came out after around the van was 2-3 years old. They're now selling their vans BTW and are most probably going back to the Jap vans.

    If there is one thing that i'd put to the MB's favor is that it has a front crumple zone. The only other van in its class that has the same feature is the Urvan Estate.

    If you want to gather some info (although it might not be all too accurate), try asking the drivers in the mall or school parking lots.

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    Oct 2002
    Are the MB100's seats comfortable and adjustable? How about the parts, availability and price? Are their any variations of the MB100, other kinds of models?
    The driver's seat is comfortable enough. I once spent 12 straight hours sitting on it. Walang init ng makina dahil nasa harap ang engine and ok naman ang back support. Kulang lang yung headrests (kailangan pang itaas).

    Our MB100 is maintained at the nearby Caltex station. Services and repairs, however, are done at RBL in Quezon Ave.

    Local unit yung sa amin so the rear seats are all fixed benches (pero reclining naman). Gray market versions can be had with captain's chairs or rotating benches.

    However, I would advise getting gray market versions as they were equipped with smaller radiators and a weaker a/c system.

    Dalawa lang ang local variants ng MB100. The older ones like ours and newer ones. The newer ones have:
    *Hubcaps (instead of alloy wheels)
    *Standard ang two-tone (it was optional back then)
    *Body colored wipers (yuck!)
    *"Elegance" body graphic and stripes
    ***I don't know kung may interior differences.

    Ayaw mo ba ng Urvan Grand Estate? Parang 'yun ang susunod sa MB100 namin when we finally wear it out (although at this point, mukhang malayo pa siya sa retirement age). :mrgreen:
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    Oct 2002
    id go for the nissan urvan. it's japan made, quality is good. durable. mb is good too but just like vinj said. it's a hit and miss thing.


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    Oct 2002
    my first ride is an MB100 van....

    I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!

    super sarap ng took me to school and back home for more than a year...everyday!!!!!!!!!!!

    zambalez long trips are also regular...mabagal nga lang siya....but the comfort and driving ease is great.

    super ok siya paakyat...lakas ng torque!!!!it can go upo sa filinvest 2 ung paakyat na steepe portion in 3rd-4th gear while my safari can only take it for 2nd-3rd...

    ang mga nasira lang samin is the power steering components and the clutch....but normal wear and tear naman un eh....

    so we didnt mind talaga...madaming nagsasabi olats daw un and lemon...maybe........

    but my experience is different from most people eh....

    the urvan escapade naman....ang ganda rin ng experience ko...yan gamit nung mga shuttle papuntang boracay...grabe....punong puno kami sa loob ng van...pero never siya nabitin sa mga paakyat and straight ways.......

    hindi pa mausok!!

    great aircon too!!

    if i am gonna choose between the 2.....

    MB100 gets my vote......6 out of 10 while the urvan gets 4.:wink:

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    Jan 2003
    I would go for the Nissan urvan due to its quality and availability of parts.

    The MB100 is also a nice van due to its saftey feature and newer design . but our uncle ni Vinj has experience problems like Rust, parts break easily expensive maintinace cost and other mechanical gremlins like the transmission, clutch, etc. BTW his van was one of the first ones sold in the country by CMC and maybe they fixed already problems like rust.

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    Mar 2003
    I would like to know what year model MB100's are you guys refering to. Which year models are more prone to problems?

    What are the fuel consumption rates of both vans?

    How expensive are the MB100's parts against the Urvan?

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    Oct 2002

    I think Glenn and I have early MB100's. Yung mga naka-mags pa. 1996 yung sa amin so malamang ganun din ang kay Glenn. Sobrang bihira ang mga later models (yung hubcap na lang) dahil overpriced ito.

    Hindi ko po alam ang consumption. Basta matipid ito.

    Mercedes Benz parts are generally cheaper than Japanese ones (ask HBOY, he drives an old Benz).
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