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    Share your insites and opinions what is the greate truck for you,:

    In terms of

    *Exterior = navara
    *Interior = hilux
    *4x4 Capability =ranger
    *Thoughness =navara
    *Suspension =navara
    *Engine performance wise = navara
    *Fuel consumption = dmax

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    Sep 2008
    Share your insites and opinions what is the greate truck for you,:In terms of*Exterior = Hilux*Interior = hilux*4x4 Capability =Dmax*Thoughness =navara*Suspension =Strada*Engine performance wise = Ranger*Fuel consumption = dmax

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    ang bumili ng hi lux stupid!

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    Quote Originally Posted by victorevolution View Post
    ang bumili ng hi lux stupid!
    in fairness to the hilux sir....FYI it is the longest serving name when it comes to asian pickups....and some people thinks that it would almost last a lifetime...

    So I believe the word stupid is very inappropriate to tag along when you buy this TIME proven truck...

    just my 2 cents...

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    Jul 2008
    *Exterior - Depends who you ask
    *Interior - Depends who you ask
    *4x4 Capability - I'd leave it to the experts
    *Toughness - Hilux
    *Suspension - For comfort - Strada. For handling - Navara. For back aches - Ranger and Hilux
    *Engine performance wise - Navara for flat out speed. Dmax for the flat torque curve. Strada for all-around performance
    *Fuel consumption - Dmax

    Pero +1 ako kay Gen. Miting. Lalo na if you hate scratches on your ride.

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    Aug 2004
    A lot of biased people in here... :hysterical:


    1st - Strada
    Ranger / Hilux


    1st - Strada / Navara
    Ranger - back seat tiny but plastics better than Hilux and D-Max... still... back seat is tiny

    *4x4 Capability

    1st - Ranger - torquiest engine, great 5-speed AT, LSDs, good shocks... waterproof ECU

    Navarha - long wheelbase, low ground clearance... very capable, though.



    Navara - soft suspension, low ride height, doesn't feel built for harsh conditions
    Strada - soft suspension, low load capacity


    1st - Strada - soft suspension, great ride
    Navara - not as good, but still much better than the rest

    D-Max / Ranger

    *Engine performance wise

    Amongst 4x4s:

    1st - Ranger 3.0 (yes, it's faster than the "170 hp" Navara... I've tested both against the clock)
    Hi-Lux 3.0 (only a 4-speed AT, but huge torque)
    Navara 2.5 (170 hp version... narrow powerband, power falls off hard over 3500 rpm)
    Strada 3.2 (never really feels like 3.2 liters)

    Amongst 4x2s

    1st - Ranger 2.5 / Navara 2.5 (140 hp version) / Strada 2.5 - all great engines
    Hilux - provisionally... don't know if the facelift has the high-horse 2.5 yet.

    *Fuel consumption

    Amongst 4x4s:
    1st - Navara 2.5

    Amongst 4x2s:

    Don't really know... possibly D-Max

    Base/Fleet version:

    D-Max - 4JA1:


    If you're buying a truck for family use, the Strada is the best.

    If you're buying one for family use and need the extra cargo bed, the Navara is the best. I only rate it below the Strada because it's still relatively truckish in comparison.

    If you need a go-anywhere truck that's powerful and capable, the Ranger is still the best.

    If you need a basic work truck, the D-Max has a 4JA1T version that is basic, rugged and very cheap to run.
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    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Have driven, ridden and worked on these pick-ups expecially the suspension due to my work.

    Exterior - hilux, dmax, navara, strada, ranger

    Interior - dmax, strada, ranger, navara, hilux

    4x4 capability - dmax, ranger, hilux, strada, navara

    Toughness - hilux, dmax, ranger, navara, strada

    Suspension - design- hilux, dmax, ranger, navara=strada

    - ride- strada, navara, ranger=dmax, hilux

    Engine performance - almost equal sila lahat daming factors to consider.

    Fuel consumption - dmax, strada, navara, ranger, hilux

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    the interior of the 2009 ranger's still reminiscent to that of the 1999. from the rear legroom down to the seats.

    Quote Originally Posted by victorevolution View Post
    ang bumili ng hi lux stupid!
    wahahaha. nice comment

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    Mar 2010
    i really like the navara, no idea why.

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    Quote Originally Posted by niky View Post
    Navara 2.5 (170 hp version... narrow powerband, power falls off hard over 3500 rpm)
    So that's why it's so slow when flat out for a "170HP" truck! I thought the Navara would eat my VVT-i alive; but I've proven otherwise.
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