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    Jan 2007
    Fort ako. Mas sulit sa tingin ko. Pero disadvantage ng fort sobra dami meron, tagtag ng ride tsaka maliit o mahina ang brakes, tsaka dalikado sa carjack and carnap. Yun captiva naman ganda tingnan kasi bago labas e. hehe.

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    Feb 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by bankai View Post
    guys, need inputs on this, we are planning to get a new ride, at first we want the everest, but after going to chevrolet, we decided we wanted the captiva, then we check out the fortuner, we ended up liking also the fortuner, why?

    mas malaki ang fortuner, at mas mataas kesa sa captiva

    ang captiva walang third row seats (you have to pay 28k for addt'l 3rd row seats), ut, we do not really need the 3rd row seats, if theres a 3rd row seat much better, and lucky us, we get to see a captiva with 3rd row seats, pag naka-incline na yung 2nd row ng konti tumatama na sa tuhod ko (i'm 5'8") and the 3rd row seats is not made from chevy.

    what we really liked sa captiva is the all black interior and its amenities, and its a new model, kumbaga mas pogi itsura nya kesa sa fortuner

    now, should we get the new pogi model captiva or the old pogi fortuner?

    captiva - P1,299,000
    fortuner - P1,4++,+++


    PS, please answer more on the looks, i already know the pros and cons of fortuner
    based on looks, parehong pogi on a different perspective. captiva=pogi na refined, parang naka-americana. fortuner=pogi na macho, parang naka-maong kumbaga.

    but in the end, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. go where your heart beats faster!

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    Mar 2006
    Get a SsangYong Rexton II if you can still push the budget. It will win you over by its charm of goodies and equipment. Feels first class inside too!

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    Nov 2006
    ok ang captiva...
    if after sales is not an issue.

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    May 2005
    If looks and performance, I will go for the Captiva. But my concern on GM is that I was once an owner of a GM made car : Opel Astra. The parts of GM is very expensive and it will take around 3 months in order to get one. Example is my Astra again, my electronic power steering broke down, I went to 2 GM dealers and they both told me 98K wala pang labor and it will take 3 months to import it. Another is the resale value of the Astra M/T in year 2005 is around 180K. So, on that same day, I drove it to the area of Buy and Sell somewhere in Makati and sold it for only 100K, since I have to spend 100K to have it repaired and wait for 3 months for the parts. Lastly, the best part is around 5pm that same day, got the 100K payment and rode the TAXI home. Problem solved instantly. Beware of GM in the Philippines. Just to share my experience... I will not commit the same mistake again, ever! Go for other Japanese vehicles. American cars= low resale value in the Philippines.

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    Aug 2004
    Well... the Captiva isn't an Opel... so that's something.

    The difficult thing about being such a large entity as GM, cars engineered under the GM umbrella range in reliability from above average to totally rubbish. We won't know about the Captiva, really, till somebody breaks one.

    So far, what we know is: the CRDi fuel system is from VM Motori, which means it should be about as robust as Hyundai's. While Hyundai's system isn't immune to the vagaries of local diesel, it holds up decently, at least, compared to some of the others.

    The rest of the car is designed in Korea, but it's a ground-up design, not a rehashed Opel or Daewoo design.

    It's really too early to tell if this car will be bad. Much too early.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Jul 2006
    You should add the Ford Everest on your list. Specially if your going to ford deep water. The Everest platform is proven here and abroad (including Australia, Ranger pick up with the same diesel engine)

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    I'll choose Captiva. Yung Fortuner parang FX sa dame.. It's everywhere..

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    Jul 2008
    Re: Chevrolet Captiva or/vs Toyota Fortuner

    Both cars are considered as SUV, for me i should choose FORTUNER, aside from being popular in the market the condition of this car are guaranteed quality on our climate. The mere fact that the parts are most common and easy to buy anywhere, weather it is original or a replacement its still work to fixed the car. And anyone knows that TOYOTA already established their name in the Philippine market, evidence are proven, that's why the resale value of toyota is quite high compare to chevy. Im not saying chevy is not working good its just happen that I am after the demand and quality proven if I invest my money for a car. I cannot invest my money for something hasn't proven. Proven wise we see on the road.

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    Oct 2007
    I am now about to choose between Toyota Fortuner G and Mitshubishi Montero GLS, but it looks like the fort wins because resale value means a lot to me. So, what more if it's chevy vs toyota.

    3 to 5 years lang sakin ang car then benta ko na, 2 years lang if it is pre-owned. There are many fortuners around that means more parts will be available (even surplus), therefore higher resale value.

    I already test drove the new fort, someone sitting on 3rd row and another on 2nd and I was the one driving, believe me di na sya matagtag, its suspension has been changed according to my SA.

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