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    Jun 2008
    honda priced @ 1.145M vs toyota @ 1.14M

    what could be the factor of the price difference?

    both cars has grown to be a family man car than hippie ricer boy of the older models.

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    Jul 2008
    I'm driving my in-law's Altis 2.0L and it's really nice to drive. Suspension is luxurious and the CVT is good. Far better than the CVT in my Xtrail. It revs faster than my Xtrail which makes it feels more like an auto transmission. But the Xtrail is still quicker because of the engine. The Altis's suspension is what I missed with my old Xtrail. The Xtrail CVT has a firmer suspension. I don't know why Nissan changed it since it was already good.
    As for the Honda, normally it's the branding that you pay for the additional price. But my friends says that the Honda ride is firmer since it is designed to be sportier. I prefer the Altis even with the boring looks. Ride and quietness are more important to me than looks as of now.

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    Dec 2006
    My daily drive is a 2.0V Altis (pre-facelift though), and I've also driven the FB Civic.

    When it comes to performance, the Altis feels a lot torquier from lower revs. The Civic on the other hand, as usual with Hondas, comes alive once you get past 5000 rpm. On paper, the Civic has a 10 hp advantage, but in actuality, there's not much of a difference. The transmission on my Altis is the old 4-speed, but the new one has a much smoother and quicker CVT. Interestingly, despite being less sporty than the FD Civic, the current FB Civic still has a responsive transmission.

    I've no idea on the fuel efficiency of the Civic, but the Altis gets roughly ~7.5-8 km/L on city driving. Thank the CVT for those good numbers, since mine with the 4AT only gets 6.5-7.5 km/L.

    The Civic is a much more spacious car when it comes to interior room. The big-ass dash isn't to my liking, but it lends an aura of airiness to the cabin. Rear seat space is noticeably larger than the Altis, which barely has more legroom than the Vios. The Civic and Altis are equally wide though, so there's not much difference in terms of elbow room.

    The Altis still has softer seats than the Civic, but I personally prefer the latter's more bolstered seats, since they provide better lateral support when cornering. For long highway drives though, the Altis' cabin is one of the coziest and least stressful places to be in.

    Moving on to the exterior, personally I find the Altis' looks more timeless, but the Civic has started to grow on me a bit. It's subjective though so it really boils down to your own preference.

    The Altis also has more features than the Civic:

    - Front and rear parking sensors
    - Auto on/off headlamps w/ auto leveling
    - Rain-sensing wipers
    - Power retractable side mirrors
    - Bluetooth HU connectivity
    - Power driver's seat
    - 60/40 split-fold rear seats
    - Smart key (push-button ignition)
    - Rear sunshade

    Overall, if you want a comfortable compact sedan with a lot of toys and will provide you worry-free ownership, get the Altis. If you want something with more character and a sportier drive (with even more toys), get the Focus Sport+.

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    Aug 2004
    The 2.0 CVT on the Altis is indeed a winner. And thankfully, they've revised the suspension so it's a lot safer at speed, too.

    The 2.0 4AT is really a pig on gas. When I had it, I was getting just 6 km/l in traffic. The 2.0 CVT should be better... 7 km/l or so.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Jun 2008
    thanks for your inputs.

    well . . . it seems that altis is for dad's while civic are for those dad's but haven't outgrown their singleminded head. am i right?

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    Jun 2008
    my boss prefers to ride altis than civic. he keeps on commenting that civic gives him a pain in the butt. i don't know. he is also some kind of a car buff. he got prado, 3.2 strada, venture, fieldmaster pajero, bj-40, and 3 innova.

    he likes innova most. its the most practical car, he said. rides like a car, with a little bit higher ground clearance, not bulky enough but spacious for 7 passengers.

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    Dec 2006
    If I were a dad but still wanted to get a bit more excitement, I'd get a Focus Sport+ or Lancer EX GT-A.

    The Civic has turned into vanilla. Tastes great, but isn't all that exciting.

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    Jul 2008
    The Altis' suspension is soft which is why it's much nicer to ride. My cousin also said the Civic FD has a stiffer suspension compared to Innova. I don't know the fuel consumption of Altis but I think it can achieve 7km/L easily in pure city driving. I just didn't notice any changes when Eco is on or off so I left it at On.

    For racing, that's where the Genesis, FT86 and BRZ are for.

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