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    Quote Originally Posted by SiRbossR View Post
    Nothing exciting about the two. Pero ung 2012 Ford Focus ST is the one to be excited about!
    not really, FWD sports cars aren't as fun and exciting as AWD or RWD cars since if you put to much hp on a FWD car it will surely have torque steer problems which is the number 1 issue for the focus ST and i'm sure Ford won't be able to solve that problem unless the focus ST becomes AWD or RWD. that's why there aren't that many FWD sports car available in the market and most of them aren't that fast. i'd still rather have the mazdaspeed3 than a focus ST, faster and handles better.

    from what i've seen, it looks like the BRZ will be faster since it will be tuned by STi while the ft-86 would look much better. both are exciting for me.

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    * SiRbossR,

    not so sure about that, pare. but that guy owns multiple exotic and muscle cars as well so siguro baka qualified din siya to own an LFA. just can't imagine why it costs more than a carrera-gt (35-40M pesos). ramon ang and robert coyiuto ang alam ko lang meron dito AFAIK.
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    Inflation. And exclusivity.


    I'm actually looking forward more to the lower-powered FT86... more in the spirit of the old AE86 and harkening back to the days when you didn't need ridiculous amounts of power to have fun in a sports car.

    What will be interesting is how the FT86 compares to the MX5. Slightly heavier, slightly more powerful. Should be a close match.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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