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    get a toyota wigo or mitsu mirage or hyundai i10. Let him decide and spend his own money when he is earning his own.

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    Oct 2013
    None of the above. When I was in college I had three choices...a 62 Beetle...a souped up stainless owner type jeep or a galvanized locally assembled wrangler. I chose the wrangler for the cheaper fuel and bigger tires... I can park it on islands... no flood can stop me and it was utilitarian. Served me well way past college and shorty a few years afterward when our diesel revo came.

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    Quote Originally Posted by funky_monkey View Post
    get a toyota wigo or mitsu mirage or hyundai i10. Let him decide and spend his own money when he is earning his own.
    +1. Don't spoil the kid...

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    if you get the exped/volvo. its just the start of more expenses. those cars are at least 10 years old. even if theyve been maintained well, something will break. youll spend on service and parts for a more expensive class of vehicle.

    not to mention gas expenses.

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    Jan 2012
    for a college kid to request a Euro or an American gas guzzling SUV, he may have some self-esteem issues. Well, as a parent, you decide, get what he wants and you boost his self-esteem for life or get a cheaper maintenance car and he remains confused with identity crisis. I would get him the Exped or Volvo, I think it's cheaper for his development in the long run

    btw, what's with teenagers and yuppies nowadays? recently, I've had 2 experiences (1 in the Fort Parking Area, 1 in Ortigas side streets) with 2 groups of kids checking out my 9-year old Ford Exped. I thought that they were up to something but when I got in to my car, they were smiling at me and one even commented: nice car sir.

    maybe it's the generation gap, these kids didn't know that sometime in 2008, the Financial Crisis happened, and Ford owners desperately wanted to disposed their SUVs lol

    re your kid, I think it's better now that he realize that what he wants is a mistake. who knows in the future, after experiencing the Exped, he would get strictly hybrids in the future

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    Quote Originally Posted by viper888 View Post
    It costs P9000 to convert the rear air suspension to springs.

    The parts arent expensive, but just remember.... You have twice as many cylinders as most cars

    A spark plug is P300-400 but you need 8 (many fakes around, you have to buy from the casa)
    You also need 8 coils
    Many liters if oil ( forgot how many exactly, but a non-synthetic oil change is about 4k)
    Tranny oil change is 6k
    The brakes are about 6-7k a pair (original)
    If you live in a hilly area, the gearbox isnt going to last. Thats another 50k at least

    The driving difficulty depends solely on where you live and work/study. Just asking, has your son learned to drive yet? He may like the idea of using an expedition to school, but it's challenging to say the least.

    It's not unreliable at all, it has never broken down, other than getting home with a collapsed rear suspension (it would still run, its just uncomfortable).

    I used an expedition as a coding/horrible weather car in college. Fortunately, the university I studied had a generously spaced carpark that never gets full (because its expensive, I work in Makati now and my parking is cheaper). There are free slots around for taking though, they are parallel parking slots though. More than once I have made a traffic jam putting an expedition into a slot with less than a foot on both sides. If Im trapped in my slot....... I "Study" in mcdonalds with friends.
    ford suv maintenance is not really that expensive to maintain. sparkplugs are P150 a pop (banawe) x 8, and per ford manual, it's advised to be replaced every 100Km or in my case, every 40k for Philippine setting

    Engine oil is not expensive as Ford Motorcraft Synthetic is the cheapest synthetic oil in the market with P400 per liter. Ford Motorcraft Oil Filters are like P350, even cheaper than the HOndas lol

    to sum it up, I spend about P2500 per year on maintenance on my Ford Suv. (2000 engine oil + 350 oil filter + 150 change oil in Petron station). Air filters (around P800) are replaced every 20Tkm and Fuel Filters (P1200) every 40Tkm. All fluids are recommended to be replaced every 80Tkm in the manual, but I recently replaced them in the 40Tkm mark (again Phil. setting). All of this done in a gasoline station.

    Gasoline is the main expense here but I have managed to keep it at 5-6km/liter regular city driving (bumper to bumper is 3-4km). Just buy the regular stock issued tires and always have the pang-ilalims checked and adjusted to standards. para maayos ang takbo

    at 5-6km/liter, I think it's fair enough than say investing for a brand new CUV today like the Foresters, Tucson, Sportage, CRVs that are averaging 6-7km/liter. bale 1km lang lamang nila hehe

    Ford Suvs ride comfortably well, and it compared maybe to a Montero solid driving experience on pot holes and our road conditions.

    warning though, don't use this as daily drive or your only car. maybe that's why nakakatipid ako coz this is just my coding car or at least 2 times a week ko lang dinadala. I still have a diesel SUV as my harabas car so hehe

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