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    Sep 2006
    current stud ka ? * gerard

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    Nov 2006
    hindi na i graduated 5 yrs ago... hahahaha!!! human resources management... hehehehe! that was when i lived there sa same neighborhood

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    Sep 2006
    aaaahh ic ic :-)

    pero susunduin mo tlga ako dba


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    Nov 2006
    oo nga! basta sagot mo gas ko kahit one way... hahahaha!!
    wala nang sumagot dun sa tanong ko sa kabilang thread bahala na si batman bukas sa sound system shopping....

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    Mar 2005
    oo nga wag masyado magpapaporma sa DLSU campus, kasi pag na-satisfy mo na yan craving ng pagyayabang sa tsikot. it will weaken you and you will not long for better things in life hehehe

    when I was studying there, first 2 years ko dala ko occassionally eh owner-type jeep. I was neither proud nor ashamed of what I was bringing into the agno parking lot hehehe (bilang na bilang naka-owner dun hehehe). basta better than commuting ok na.

    dad suddenly bought a 2nd car for our family not bec. he cared a lot for my safety but bec. they got discriminated upon by an old buddy-neighbor firend in the 70's. Dad came home furious one day kasi hindi sila pinapasok sa gate ng gwardya ng supposedly old-time friend turned sweepstakes millionaire. why? bec. he was driving our owner-type jeep instead of his prized red corolla 16-valve that time.

    fortunately, he got into the stock market and earned enough cash to buy a Suzuki Samurai. unfortunately, sa sobrang pagmamadali nya, we never knew that suzuki samurai's were just a little more than a painted-owner type jeeps!

    and so, that's the 2nd half of my story in DLSU, driving a close to lemon pretending to be a car/suv Suzuki Samurai that gave me so much repair problems and one-time dates! the suzuki samurai ride was even more punishing, my present L300FB rides better hehehe

    anyway back to the point, use the energy na hindi ka gano sikat sa school and you'll see pag time na ng reunions/get-togethers. you'll be more determined that your flashy schoolmates. and with a new car to boot every 3 or 5 year reunion hehehe.

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    Nov 2006
    amen to that boss!

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    May 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by GerardTagayty View Post
    oo nga! basta sagot mo gas ko kahit one way... hahahaha!!
    wala nang sumagot dun sa tanong ko sa kabilang thread bahala na si batman bukas sa sound system shopping....
    di ko yata nakita nag online ang mga mods sa "Car Electronics"..wait ka lang din bukas ng umaga

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    Aug 2004
    For anyone who wants to know about the price for a new Mini...

    [size=1]oist! mga 2.5 million sa Cooper S, bossing... bwisit na presyo yun! Di ko alam kung mayroon Mini One dito, pero baka 1.5 million plus din...[/size]

    And, judging by the pics of your schoolmate's Cooper, at the very least, it's an S.

    Hahaha... I studied at De La Salle Zobel back in high school... inggit na inggit na rin ako sa mga classmates kong naka-super bikes, bagong Civics, etcetera... but when I went to UP, hay, ang sarap... lahat kami mga jologs... lakad dito, lakad doon... wag kang magdala ng tsikot kasi gagawin kang driver ng bayan...

    I wouldn't worry about what my classmates thought about my car... heck, bili ka nalang ng 1970's Corolla, tapos ipa-restore mo (dapat super-kinis, ha...), hindi ka na mai-snab nu'un...

    1970's Corolla in the 80's = hoy, ang cheap mo!
    1970's Corolla in the 21st Century = uy, classic! :hysterical:

    Best yet... here's a thought... a 1990's "classic" Austin Mini. 200-250k, depending on how good you are at haggling. You'll have spent less than a new car, and everyone will definitely go "wow".

    Problems include so-so safety (c'mon, it's just a stressed tin box on wheels), dodgy electricals (some guys just replace them with japanese parts... perfect!) and a small interior, but who cares when you look this good...
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    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Sep 2006
    90's mini will give you an oomph yo everyone else? eh ive seen these minis sa net.. mejo "bulok" na and prang "yero lang ng bahay" yung body? LOL

    prang hopeless sa pimp my ride? LOL

    ang gs2 ko tlgang mini eh yung nsa italian job.. yung may bonet pa hehe

    wala nman akong balak kumuha ng mini noh. kamusta nman ang 2 million. lol. pambibili ko na lng yung 2million ng condo (kung may 2M nga lol)

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    Oct 2004
    the color talaga nasa tao and family lang yan .... walang kinalaman sa race or whatever

    the mini cooper in dlsu parking lot when i was still studying there is i believe owned by the relative of angelo king, he also has a blue subaru impreza sti

    wala naman masyadong magandang kotse sa dlsu e compared sa ateneo ... most of the students in dlsu ata has a car that is daily driven and used sa school then pag weekends na yung maganda ... yan napansin ko unlike in ateneo na yung weekend cars nila yun narin yung school cars ... hehe

    tell your friend to just get a 2nd hand car .... i think it would perform much better and mas sulit in the long run .... my friend who is the owner of wheels inc drives a picanto ... in 2yrs or more nalaspag na....even she hates the picanto herself

    and btw, dont even bother getting the spark .... it really sux ive seen it upclose