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    Quote Originally Posted by projector View Post
    cno mas ok bilhin?
    It really depends on
    1) objective basis:
    how you intend to use it: city driving or off road or both (what %age for each)? owner or chauffeur driven?
    2) subjective basis:
    porma pogi points, presence or "dating"
    3) in between (both objective or subjective) :
    comfort, fits driving/riding style

    =A great off roader will need the solid axles, stiff suspension, 4x4, manual tranny, high clearance
    =kung city driving lang and you just need the height, better get a/t 4x2 only -- which means all the arguments for getting an off roader will be a negative for you--solid axles and stiff suspension mean harsh ride, manual tranny tiring for stop and go city driving (unless you are chauffeur driven, which means you value comfort more than the drive--go to #2 and #3), also, with city driving you have to contend with the small streets and parking spaces--the bigger suv's will be more of a headache for you (unless you are chauffeurdriven, again skip #1)

    for #2 porma or pogi points or presence/"dating"
    very subjective depending on the people you rub elbows with-- there are certain sectors who will think one is classier than the other-- weatherweather lang--eg. classy pajero noon, ngayon hindi na, classy patrol nun ngayon di na etc.-- very arguable though, because this means you are getting a vehicle for others' appreciation and not yours

    for #3 fits your driving/riding style, comfort
    both objective and subjective==kung saan ka masaya=comforts, appearance inside counts more for you than the external, since ikaw naman ang nakasakay and not the ones outside. Best way to find out is to test drive/use, and i mean test drive use probably for a day or two and go your usual routes. This way you can really determine to a certain degree whether your choice of car really fits your lifestyle.

    hope this helps

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    The Pajero offers more value for money compared to the Prado as it is tax-exempt which makes it the cheapest among the bunch. The new Patrol is in an entirely different class already, competing with the LC200 and LX570. Its a good car, which unfortunately does not have a diesel option.

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toyota prado vs nissan patrol vs mitsubishi pajero