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    Mar 2004
    This is a resurrected thread from last year. Why are you feeding the troll? If you keep this up, that MaxiTroll will also join the fray, along with the charts, gear ratio & 300,000 km data.

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    Oct 2009
    lebron, ano ba ang kaya mo? bat d mo ko habulin? pa image image ka pa jan.

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    Aug 2010
    Fine, resurrected thread nga ito. the only problem with the TS, with all due respect, is that he mistook a Crosswind as an SUV then made a hasty conclusion that the MS and the XWind are synonymous. And also, the TS never made an actual comparative test drive before he bought his Innova.

    At 120kph, with all due respect, the Innova wiggles. I drive an Innova that's why I know. I already saw a Montero Sport did 140kph effortlessly, and I also saw that the MS could even do more. Diesel cars nowadays are not like what many imagine them to be, thanks to the ever-progressing technology. For the record, Audi even made a GT car that runs on Diesel (R8.)

    Another "grand mistake" that the TS made is that he's got a bias against some cars that are available in the Philippines that are not sold in the US Market, which is common with balik-bayans (since Starex was labeled as "lata")... thanks to, "not to mention" mentality.

    I hope this post would set a truce. Peace.

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Toyota Innova VS Montero Sport