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    Aug 2006
    Same with me, I go for the new Strada.

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    Nov 2006
    I'd go for strada also, I also test drove both units and yes strada talaga mas ok and ofcourse mas tipid sa diesel. btw sir where ba province mo? My friend is a dealer head of mitsubishi baka makatulong ako sayo sa pricing.

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    Jun 2003
    I dunno know... strada looks nice... but I'd go with the ranger with front and read lsd's for more 4x4 fun. It also has a bigger engine and bed(albiet smaller interior) and a more capable engine(with VGT) with 380nm for hauling - which I think is what a pickup is intended for, maximum hauling/towing (and abuse ) and off-road fun.

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    Oct 2002
    The Ranger has rear LSD with open front diff.
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    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by maginoong_kalog View Post
    strada syempre.. pero kung gagamitin mo sa construction. hilux na lang kasi sayang ang strada.. mas matagtag ata ang hilux. in the office we have both pick ups.. kung kargado ang hilux ok sya pero kung walang laman or ikaw lang solo ang nasa loob para kang nakasakay sa kariton na hila ng kalabaw.
    Bwahahaha natatawa ako huhuhu
    Me too +1 ako sa Strada

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    Apr 2006
    i'd go for the strada.

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    Dec 2006
    Strada parin ako.....

    pero ang mga in-laws ko....... puro toyota ang car nila.

    ewan ko. sabi nila madali raw mabilihan ng spare parts ang toyota....

    anyway........ +2 ako sa strada!

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    Aug 2006
    strada...wala lang pambili.

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    Mar 2006

    strada for me... btw, who said "mas" off roadable and new hilux? thats totally untrue! did you know that in UK strada is the leading pickup? All of them work in the dirt, construction, city, farms, and campers.

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    Mar 2007
    for my needs i would go for the strada, coz im 90% city driver, and coz our roads would punish my back if i took the hilux...... but on the other hand if i was the miser, practical guy with a bum of steel i would go for the dmax,, why? simple coz its not big, so easy to park, and they say it is the most fuel effecient of all the pick ups,,and it carries a decent payload, and well the looks is mind over matter,,,, if u dont mind it doesnt matter hehe,, and off road? dmax is still the best, its lockable rear diff. works great or so ive been told by a few owners,or those thai reviews couldnt be wrong since thailand is the biggest pick-up consumer in asia and yup their fave is the dmax,,, my perfect pick up would be the dmax but ill work on it to make it ride like the strada

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