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    Apr 2008
    Yes, the Fort 2.5 is very underpowered, even more if its A/T. I have a friend who owns a Fort 2.5 M/T. In order to run at an acceptable pace, he shifts at 3000rpm when it takes our Trooper just 2000rpm or even less for the same results, this sort of driving gets him a paltry for a 2.5L 8km/l city! I never once thought of the CRV, to ugly for me. The X-Trail's got the same recycled looks and engine and this time it even has 10hp less than its predecessor!

    SF na talaga! Its got lots of power out of a small engine, and so fuel economy is good as well. As expected from a car with the Sonata's platform, the ride is very comfortable and handling is also good. But if you really need a body on frame SUV, get the Montero Sport. There's a 2.5 4x4 variant available, and its got 34 more hp than the 2.5 Fort.
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    Oct 2010
    Any ideas/comments on honda crv or nissan CVT xtrail?

    about their: fuel consumption,power, safety

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    Naku eto na naman naglaban na naman santa fe and fortuner, sir kenz88 tanggalin mo na sa choices mo fortuner wala kwenta yan compared sa santa fe. AUV lang yan kasi available lang sya sa ASIA, santa fe kunin mo perfect yan na SUV or CUV or whatever. ang ka match ng santa fe porche cayenne
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    Apr 2007
    Santa Fe FTW!! :clap:

    Engine power
    Interior space

    San ka pa?
    If you got the SF, you won't be bitter with the other CUV/SUV out there. Kasi you're on top.
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    Mar 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by kenz88 View Post
    Any ideas/comments on honda crv or nissan CVT xtrail?

    about their: fuel consumption,power, safety
    fc= crv
    power= xtrail pero very minimal difference lang naman you'll barely even feel there's a difference
    safety= they're both just as safe as each other

    i'd get the xtrail over the crv because in my opinion the crv is a really boring car. no offense to crv owners.

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    Xtrail theoretically can achieve better FC on highways than CRV because of the better engine and CVT. But on stop and go traffic, CRV should be better. One owner of the new Xtrail in Nissan thread said he can get 10km/L on highways. Off road wise, Xtrail hands down.

    For mid size, Sta Fe is still the best in the market. Ride and space is very good. It all comes down to reliability for let's say 5 years, but since Hyundai has a 5 yr. warranty, it's pretty much a safe bet.

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    Santa Fe and it's gem of an engine, for me.

    The Fortuner, Everest and Montero Sport do look big on the outside, but they have similar tight interior room. By comparison, the Innova is about as big inside as they are. You do, however, get a higher ground clearance for those time when you do tread the unpaved path, but then dirt roads that the 2.5L 4x2 can handle aren't much worse than what the Santa Fe can do.

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