Between the two..I would choose the vios j mt.

Toyota vios has a proven record of quality, reliability and fuel efficiency already...we have a 2006 toyota vios j mt now and i can still sell it for 250k to 300k as i checked in the casa as well as in ayosdito and i think that is a good resale value.

But if i had another option..

I would consider a diesel engine cars like the Hyundai Accent Crdi sedan, i think the resale value of diesel cars will be significantly high in the next 10 to 15 year compare to gas engine cars..

I've been working in the oil and gas sector for 11 years now and IMO gas fuel prices will be so high in the future because of supply scarcity of crude oil - which is processed into gasoline. today crude oil supply is at peak level and going down..due to this i think most of the cars in the future will be diesel.

Unlike gasoline, diesel can be made from natural gas - which the world have an abundant supply of, for the last six months i was assigned here in south korea and most of the cars here are diesel, i think they already know what is going to be the trend in the future..

i hope this help, and sorry for the long lecture..