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    Sep 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by raspberryglace View Post
    Hi, we own a Picanto, although it's manual transmission. Fuel consumption is 13-15kms per liter. We bought the unit September 3 and we've never been happier with the FC, comapred to our old ride which was a Nissan Sentra 1.3 JX.

    We've actually cut our gas budget from P6,500 to P3,500, and that's already inclusive of all weekend gimmick trips. With our old car, at P6,500 gas budget we try not to go out often or we try to schedule our trips to maximize the fuel consumption.
    nice 13-15 kms per liter, one thing po i dont know how to drive a MT, yeah di po talaga kaya i wanted the AT.

    its only my opinion huh? the Picanto right now is very pricey, i don't know what they put in this car to increase its price almost double, 3yrs ago almost half the price lang sya...

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    Aug 2008
    that's why all other mini-car manufacturers are hoping to double the feat - cherry qq (from 5 year to 10 years warranty) and now hyundai i10 which will increase daw by 50K

    2 years from now, korean mini-cars will be priced at 700k, japanese minis like the jazz and the altis, close to a million.

    that's the beauty of financing. the more people na willing magbayad sa financing schemes na almost double, the more they add value to the price.

    would you believe an all-power M/T Honda city (the same model) can be had for 420K in late 2004? and that's installment price na, i think 3 years to pay. at least that's how i remember my college classmate bought his 1st brand new

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    Sep 2008
    wow ang mura ha?kaso 2004 college pa ako non e, can barely afford for a value meal * a pinoy fastfood, hehehehe...

    actually sa financing understandable naman kase may interest, pero sa MSRP nag add itong mga units nato so hindi talaga reasonable

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    Jun 2008
    I recently bought an i10 (M/T). Ok naman F/C nya. Nasa break in period pa lang ako pero my F/C from my old Corolla has already been cut into half sa i10 ko. The features of the i10 were already mentioned by another forumer. If you ask me, there's not much difference between the two Korean cars. Sa mga add ons and interior lang talaga nagkatalo. Mas maluwag ang i10. It's zippy for its size. Kahit na 1.1 engine lang sya, di ka na rin mabibitin. I drove it on the expressway and I easily reached 120 kph, walang pangigingig sa engine o ano mang weird sound. I didn't push the car further as my pregnant wife was with me. Anyway, I aim to use it for city driving. I don't think I'll ever reach 120 in EDSA.

    If you're after F/C, reliability, affordable replacement parts and service, resale value, and maybe the Japanese fanaticism of the status quo, go for the Vios. 575k yung entry level nila. Ang mahal na rin ng i10 at Picanto. Di naman matatawaran ang aftermarket ng Hyundai. I've been a fan of this brand ever since they introduced the Starex.

    Ako kasi, I really like small cars. I fell in love with the i10. If not for my eccentric taste in cars, the Vios or the City would have been my natural choice. Namahalan lang din ako sa Yaris. Kung mura-mura lang yun, baka isa rin yun sa mga kinonsider ko.

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    Jun 2005
    For me it's still the I10 either it's an MT or AT is still the leader of it's class pricewise, warranty wise(5yrs Hyundai vs 3yrs Kia) and specwise unless Kia comes up with a magical way of installing all the I10 gadgets, giving the kia owners 5yr warranty and then reducing it's prices lower than the I10. Then I'm still going with the I10.

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    Sep 2008
    actually 2weeks after the launch of i10, i was really begging Hyundai Makati (Edsa - Guadalupe) to give me an all in promo, since i really like this car, i even commuted to their so hotshow (literally) room during lunch break just to see the unit..

    ang daming arte kesyo this and that..then i decided to buy Mazda 3...tapos ito na ang mga baliw na SA ibibigay na daw nila sa "all in"..loko loko talaga....

    right now since i'm eyeing for a second car, i am considering i10 or a second hand Jazz..

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