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    Maganda white.

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    Quote Originally Posted by *rnold View Post
    I'd tried a lot of test driving on sta.fe, alterra,everest,and fort, fieldmaster for his price not a chance...

    Fortuner 3.0 I'd choose just waiting to be release 1st week of october.
    umm, just sold my FM 2003 model yesterday at 800k. Buy sana kame ng Patrol or new gen ng Pajero. But no units available. Order pa daw. So, we've decided to buy nalang muna a Fort, then early next year nalang yung Pajero or Patrol. Sensya na, but what is this fortuner 3.0? Gas or diesel...? How Is it better than the earlier versions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by xto View Post
    red, white or black? the last time i inquired at diamond motor, it's the only available color of FM.

    we'll be getting the white... mejo class ung dating... yaw ng mom ko black kase more of business aura daw rather the political side... ehehehhe...

    il try posting the pix as soon as i have the chance to grab on my new ride... hihihi ^_^

    thanks guys!

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    congrats sa new ride. check mo yung gen 2.5 threads dami info dun about our paj.

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    Sir Ctianzkie,

    Sali kayo Pajero Clan sa

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    Quote Originally Posted by ctianzkie View Post
    ei guys im kinda new here... wer thinking of buying a new SUV... im having a hard time looking on the comparisons of each... originally we've been opting to buy Escape or CRV and, i wud love to have RAV4 2007 or Outlander but i think its way off the price of other SUV.. and my mom prefers a bigger one...

    so our choices have been chopped down to Pajero FieldMaster, Fortuner3.0 and Ford Everest...our budget would be as much as Pajero FieldMaster 4x2... about 1.8M...

    Everest doesnt ring a bell to me...

    ive seen the Fortuner, and im really fascinated w/ wat it offers in terms of safety, interior and exterior design but some say the downside of the Fortuner is the performance... w/ its massive tires, it doesnt deliver the expected comfort in rough surfaces...

    my mom loves to buy the Pajero, bcoz of its elegance and simply the respect it has earned all this years.. but i hav no idea bout the performance of the FieldMaster 2007...

    just wanna hear your thoughts about the Field Master, Fortuner and Everest...

    are u buying a Used car? If yes, i suggest don't buy Pajero Field Master, the engine VM41 are smooky. Fortuner is having a good look on the outside, but the ride is a problem. When it comes to durability sa Flood, Pajero & fortuner cannot resist because their TCM & powertrain does not comply with IP68. Buy new Ford Everest, subok nasa baha, hindi mausok at safe esp. for the family.
    Iba ang FORD comparing to Japs car. Sayang nakabili ka na pala.

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    Feb 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by TFR View Post
    I agree with the majority, the pajero is bit expensive for what it offers as standard, and its already a decade old design, but parts are abound because of this. Both fortuner and everest are pick-up based so both have interiors shared from their pick-up siblings, but has better engines than the pajero. I was in the same dilemma before. I f I were to choose from your choices I would pick the Fortuner, I dont like the everest's looks(no offense to everest owners, its just me, although I own a ranger pinatubo ed).

    Why dont you look at the Santa fe, Its very spacious, the cabin is as big as the pajero if not bigger, and very comfortable! If you are after the brand then its not for you...
    Most of the car owner does'nt know what is the inside. Only the outwards looks most often people are getting admired. New model cars are computerized nowadays and this serves as the nerve center of your car. If that nerve is not protected well, tehn ur car will be paralized. Questions is: does toyota and Mits complying with IP68 for the TCM and the Powertrain? the answer is no. Ford & some Honda models complies this. What does IP68 means? that the equipment or device is suitable for continuous immersion in water under conditions which shall be specified by the manufacturer. Normally, this will mean that the equipment or device is hermetically sealed. No ingress of dust; complete protection against contact.
    the filipinos had experienced during Ondoy and the baha in Iloilo, Fortuners, Monte, Pajero, collapses cannot run and they were told by casa to replace their computer boxes. The ilonggos Fort Owners were complaining to Toyota why they were charge for 100k on replacing their computer boxes. May mga Everest din na nalubog kasabayan nila but not of Everest computer boxes were replaced. When it comes to durability, harsh conditions, safety at engine performance ng family, mag FORD na kayo.

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    4M40 ang 2.8L engine ng Pajero Field Master. 4M41 naman yung 3.2L ng Pajero BK.

    Do some research before posting.

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    IP68 rating of a computer box If I were a buyer will be least of my worry kase am not gonna use it as a boat naman..hehehe joke lang po..Unless tlagang prone ang area nyo sa Flood. Tsaka kapag inabot na ang computer box ng not inclined to keep it..hinde lang computer box ang naapektuhan tyak dyan..well siempre it is advantageous kung hindi ka na magpalit ng box.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starex_Gold View Post

    4M40 ang 2.8L engine ng Pajero Field Master. 4M41 naman yung 3.2L ng Pajero BK.

    Do some research before posting.

    +1000,0000 ako dyan nang huhula lang yang mokong na yan..

    Nabuhay pala ulit itong thread na to..
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