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    Between the two, I'd get the Sentra mainly for the bigger size and famously cool aircon. Passengers tend to pick the most comfortable taxi they find, so I believe that's it. And the Avanza is also a very good suggestion, its got a sturdier suspension compared to the Vios and is perfect for passengers with lots of stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by carcrazy View Post
    vios dealers also told me that they do not allow the vios to be used for taxi. That was two years ago. but vios units are being submitted and approved by the ltfrb.

    here's the gist... i started taxi operation with kia pride, worked my way up from 1 unit to 20, then shifted to avela. these are a cost effective way of building up a fleet. now that i have thirty avelas, i'm shifting gear again to brand new ones. the problem is... which brand? i am, testing the 3 diff brands used here in davao city.... the hyundai which gives u superb gas mileage with a cost of about 600 for a 6-10 operation... that allows you to set a higher boundary rate which the drivers will gladly pay out from the savings they get on the gas. downside is, hyundai parts is hard to come by. when time comes that i have to start my maintenance headache, i'm going to have a fever.

    Vios on the other hand has already been tested in terms of gas economy and parts availability. but recently 2010 vios j no longer lives up to its reputation. the 2004 and 2006 year models boasted of 12-14km/liter of gas. the recently released j consumption is 9 km/ liter. That is going to be a pain in the u know where. You will have to make adjustments in the boundary to make sure that the drivers will not back out from maintaining the unit.

    nissan is hardier in terms of longevity for the parts and the engine is still quite mechanical. the problem with the mostly electronic laden units now is that when it starts giving u trouble, u are going to have a problem locating an expert to troublrshoot it.... and troubleshooting is one of the key function of ur mechanic in the taxi business. but i can't give an expert opinion on the nissan's functionability since i am just in the process of acquiring a nissan for a test run.

    i hope this thread help those would be operator out there
    sir have you consider the hyundai accent crdi which is highly indemand here in m. manila particularly medium and big taxi operators or the new hyundai accent 1.4 which according to accent owners consumes 12-16 kms per lit. as of parts ncr is continously increasing its availabity like ran gen, raon and banawe again coz of demand, but sadly its a different story down there anyway its true regarding maintainance of modern cars computer unit and electronics which is needing special tools and technicians to diagnose, maintain, troubleshoot and repair which will add in maintenance cost. i read one tsikoters post that it cost him 750 pesos just to diagnose and tune one of its sensors. regarding toyota vios j fc of just 9kms lit. i think i read it some web forums but those who posted that their fc is ave. below 10kms lit. has new units below 1k kms and they are still starting to learn to drive efficiently which owners of 2nd gen vios in viosclub website posted and testify that they get 12-14 kms lit mix and city driving some get better. but maybe theres little diffirence in fc and the vios 1st gen looks durable. for nissan sentra the only issue is fuel consumption but operators here just convert them to lpg to compensate high fc. avanza is also nice but it also ave. 8-10kms per liter in city and mix driving, so like the nissan it needs an lpg convertion. sir gudluck sa taxi biz niyo at balitaan niyo kami regarding sa test drive niyo para future reference sa mga gusto pumasok sa taxi biz..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bry View Post
    Guys I plan to open up my own taxi franchise early next year. My first choice sana yung Vios.

    Here's the problem. Toyota doesn't allow the Vios to be made into a taxi anymore (wait for the Avanza daw!). Nissan allows the Sentra. They're both similarly priced kaya okay lang. I just want to know the strong and weak points ng dalawa.

    Thanks in advance mga kafatid.

    EDIT: I'm wondering how many kms/l does the Sentra 1.3L make? And the Vios 1.3L?

    Also, maintenance-wise, similar lang ba ang cost?
    Vios na, lakas sa gas ng 1.3 GX na Sentra because the engine is underpowered and the body is heavy for the engine to bear. FC ng Sentra 1.3GX is 6km/l

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Nissan Sentra GX (1.3L) vs Toyota Vios J (1.3L) - FOR TAXI USE