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    Mar 2009
    Get the Grand Livina looks better & sturdier to me due to its lower ground clearance.

    Downside would be the 3 rows would have to share the AC at the front unlike in the Avanza, there's an AC system at the 2nd row ( dual a/c )
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    Jan 2007
    TS, what grade/model ng avanza/livina ang balak mo kunin?

    i know people who own a livina XR Luxury and the avanza 1.5G A/T

    for the avanza

    Maintenance- Reasonable based on casa prices (PMS ranges from 3k-8k)
    Fuel Consumption- 10-12km/L
    Driving Comfort- City Driving ok naman raw, medyo alangan ng konti sa highway dahil medyo maliit nga siya

    for the livina

    Maintenance- Halos same lang ng avanza (PMS ranges from 4k-10k)
    Fuel Consumption- 8-10km/L
    Driving Comfort- Parang kotse dala mo

    these are the observations of people i know which own the cars in comparison

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    Jun 2015
    livina parin hehehe had the livina manual since 2011...kung comfort pag uusapan livina saka okay interior design niya...kung room space....pwede naman itupi 3rd row seats and partial sa 2nd row...sometimes we use the livina to deliver some goods in the north...drove avanza before...pero mas comfortable parin sa livina.........

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    Jul 2008
    Hi Guys,

    Ilang Km/L ba ang Livina(manual) in heavy and moderate traffice?

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    Feb 2008
    Livina is 1.8 liter. Bigger engine than Avanza. I drove it up to Mt. Sto Tomas (La Presa) with 5 adults. No sweat.
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Nissan Grand Livina vs Toyota Avanza