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    Mar 2006
    1. 2009 Montero Sport - Best Buy - Quality, practicality, luxurious, sporty,
    2. Fortuner - Not bad - "Toyota" brand, luxurious, nice handling, bad suspension, gas guzzler, comfortable seats
    3. Hyundai Sta Fe - "Korean" made Filipino dilemma, luxurious, auto-leveling and car like ride suspensions, fuel efficient
    4. Isuzu Alterra - practical, fuel efficient, not too good acceleration, economical, semi luxurious, quality suspension

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    Aug 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by Turbocharger View Post
    WOW!! This is the reason why I opted for the Fortuner "ANTUKIN" Kasi ako sa Biyahe kaya sa palagay ko more advantge ung matagtag ang sasakyan mo para di ka makatulog and then dahil masakit katawan mo after the long drive sarap naman magpamasahe ke Mrs. pagdating sa destination mo!! hehehehe....
    pano kung kasakay mo si misis

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    Oct 2007
    I'll go for the montero simply because it's new.

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    Jan 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by Gen. Miting View Post
    pano kung kasakay mo si misis
    eh di patay walang magmamasahe...

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    Feb 2008
    Ako pinili ko Santa Fe (and we did put our money where our mouth is) kasi wala na akong Korean stigma after test driving one. Para sakin pinaka ***y, pinaka maganda ang ride, at malakas na engine with even a small displacement thus its frugal on the diesel. Pinaka ayaw ko Fortuner kasi pangit ride (matagtag) atsaka parang langgam sa dami.

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    Nov 2008
    Sta Fe ako sunod Montero Pangit ang Fortuner mukhang mumurahin at mukhang maasim ng mukha ng mga may ari siguro napeperwisyo sila sa kapangitan ng oto nila

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    May 2007
    :police: Guys konting ingat lang sa mga sinusulat dito sa thread ha... Let's respect each other's opinions... Kung wala na sa lugar, you can always send a message to the moderators... Have a nice day!

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    Jan 2008
    when I first went to the comparison threads, i got orphaned immediately as the other thread comparing the montero sport and fortuner was closed due to muckracking toyota talibans versus mitsu talibans. that thread has deteriorated into an "i'll kick sand in your f*^&king face" venue.

    so, i'm posting here...

    there really isn't much of a glaring difference between the ms and fortuner, if you have driven either. the fortuner looks great, and exudes a certain kind of magic. besides, toyota service can never, ever be inferior to that of the local mitsubishi service, so keeping a fortuner for a long time can't be a bad decision.

    for those who want to drive the luzon to mindanao highway though, i would strongly suggest that you use the montero sport rather than the fortuner. the ms feels safer at cornering during the higher speed routines. besides, my nephew rebuilds crashed fortuners in mindanao. there seems to be a tendency for the fortuner to flip on its roof when you least like it. if the day comes when mitsu's service and overall vehicle reliability and five-year maintenance costs can easily match say, honda kalookan's or some of the better honda centers, then that would be the day that you'd better start shopping first for mitsus over toyota.

    so there. my twin nephews even bought twin (but differently colored MS) and they both look and feel good. the new fortuners are hardly lameducks like george w. bush though, and should still be the first choice for those who are seeking a guaranteed cost-effective solution well into 2009.

    i've used a santa fe, and the ride is something that the ms and fortuner drivers can only dream about. it accelerates with the least amount of drama too. i think that the koreans can better take advantage of the strengths of several japanese brands and blend these admirably.

    now, if the local mitsu finally got the balls to build the lower-cost variant of the Racing Lancer (the artist formerly known as Prince, uhm, i mean, the vehicle formerly known as the Pajero Evolution) -- instead of having these made in Thailand, Taiwan or China -- then, and only then, can the local mitsus have the kind of street cred that car manufacturers lust for. an engine design that crosses the best of the racing lancer's and the incoming stupendous diesel engine of hyundai for 2009-1010 will most certainly be welcome if pinoys can even build up gains on these.

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    Sep 2008
    baket di kasali ang Vera Cruz at CX9?

    Montero padin ako...grabe ang pogi at suwabe ang handling..

    baket kopo nasabi?

    yung kapitbahay namin driver ng isang fashion designer dito sa atin (PINAS)..toralba ang lastname ayan me name na..

    pinapa uwi sa kanya araw araw ang fortuner...kinumpara namin ang ride sabi nya..di hamak daw na maganda at madaling imaneho si Montero..(2yrs na nyang gamit ang Fortuner)..

    so sa Montero ako...kaso wala ako pambili e hehehehe

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    Nov 2005
    ^^^baka naman 2.5D4D yung Fort? IMO sa 3.0V lang i compare ang MS para parehas with both 4X4 capabilities and di naglalayo sa power to weight ratio.

New Montero Sport 4x4, Fortuner 3.0 4x4 or Sta. Fe 4x4.