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    Oct 2002
    It just takes time and practice to improve on your skills and smoothness. One key is don't rush your steps on the pedals and shifting between gears.

    Before starting the engine:

    - seat belts
    - check you mirrors

    ...and don't linger in the car in a garage too long with the engine on lest you want to kill your self with the carbon monoxide.

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    Sep 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by vinj View Post
    ...and don't linger in the car in a garage too long with the engine on lest you want to kill your self with the carbon monoxide.
    Kung open garage siguro, medyo OK lang. Kaunti lang naman kasi dito satin (kung meron man) yung tulad sa U.S. na enclosed talaga.

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    Jan 2004
    marco, ok lang yan. dial type ang maganda- Stetho Gauge (i'll post some pic later) 600-800 is reasonable. had mine for 10 years; both it 10 years ago. naka-bili na kami nang isang sasakyan, nagagamit pa rin yung gauge.

    also, relax ka lang sa left/ right foot coordination. tip: just steady your right foot as you gently release the clucht pedal. you'll know it, kasi mararamdaman mo. ako, i play it by the ear. may rev counter ang GLi di ba? try mo kabisaduhin kung saan yung pinaka-optimal ang kagat nang timplahan. normally, nasa 1000 rpm ok na e. pero para sa iyo, mga 1200 rpm.

    basahin mo lang, maiintindihan mo rin yan.

    here's how to check your mirror if it is properly set:

    -while sitting on the driver's seat, orient the right mirror towards the vehicle
    -make sure that the mirror is in level with your sight, then bring it outwards the vehicle until you cannot see the side. but not too much that you have to move just to see what's in the mirror.
    -repeat the same with the left one.

    you might wonder i didn't mention the rear-view mirror? i don't use it. just the wing mirrors. mas madalas mo gagamitin yun.

    isa pa, ito rin ang gamit ko para masukat yung lapad nang sasakyan.

    remember, pag-upo mo sa driver seat:
    -seat belts
    -proper seating postion
    -lock all doors

    while driving, remember to keep your hands in 10/2 o' clock position on the steering wheel.
    don't ride the clutch too.
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    Oct 2002
    Read the 'Safety' thread:

    It also has a list of stuff you should have in your vehicle at all times.
    Need an Ambulance? We sell Zic Brand Oils and Lubricants. Please PM me.

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    Sep 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by marco624 View Post
    Salamat ng marami..

    Ano ba ang price range ng tire pressure gauge (dial type and pen type). I think i should buy one soonest para naman di ako nang huhula kung kulang naba sa hangin ang gulong ko....

    sa driving naman guys, what should i do para maging smooth ang changing gears ko? parang nag aalangan pa kasi ako i release ang clutch minsan na nag cause ng stalling ng engine dahil minsan nahuhuli tapak ko sa accelerator. IN short hindi pa maganda ang coordination ng left and right foor ko. anong dapat ko i practice? Typical ba ito sa newbie?

    tire pressure gauges -- you will find them at ace hardware, true value, concorde or even at han's tools. may mura, may mahal (most of them appear to be made the same maufacturer but sold under different brands). may dial type, pop-up (pen) type at digital. most say that the dial type is more accurate. you may have to experiment yourself which brand or type is more accurate. in my experience (of experimenting), i ended up having a collection of gauges (did not buy the digital type kasi mahal). i settled with one dial type gauge (bought it at less than a hundred, i dont know na what the brand is, mukhang generic) and one pop-up (pen) type gauge (bought it at P114, bufallo brand), as they both of them almost give me the same readings. the problem with my dial type gauge is it has a shallow air opening (as most air gauges do), so the accurancy of the reading depends on how well i push that opening to the tire valve (dapat walang sound, pasok lahat na hangin na lalabas sa gauge). my pop-up (pen) type gauge has longer (deeper?) air opening, so almost always tama pag-push ko (pasok lahat na hangin) and lesser trial and error. in addition to having gauges, you may need an air pump or a compressor if you choose to DIY air pumping. just be carefull with the gauses of the air pumps sa gasoline stations kasi not all of them are accurate.

    changing gears -- you will master it in due course. neutral to first gear and back lang mahirap jan. ginagawa ko dati, ala taxi: first gear then second gear agad, usually in less than 5 seconds basta gumulong na, para di mo maoverelease ang clutch (pero kung close traffic na gumagapang -stop and go- wag mo gawin kasi mukhang first gear ka lang pag ganun). when you have better control na sa cluth, break and gas pedals on first gear, saka ka na maglaro with changing gears. kung talagang rough ang changing gears mo, take a crash course sa driving school specifically for that purpose para less posibility na masira kotse mo. kotse nila pagpraktisan mo.


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    Mar 2005
    1. What should i check every morning before I start driving the car? and how should i do it?

    check the tires.

    2. How would i know if there is something wrong with the car besides those items that show up when you start the car?

    monitor mo yun temperature guage.

    3. How do I know when my tire pressure is low? Am a newbie and i cannot feel any difference.

    you'll feel it pag apak mo sa gas, at hindi mabilis arangkada nya. you'll also feel it while weaving in and out sa traffics, parang soft manibela.

    4. When do I change oil, filters, brake pads, etc?

    change oil? if ordinary 3 months. if synthetic 6 months. brake pads pag may maiingay sa pag-preno na sobrang tinis

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    Jun 2006
    contratulations Marco. don't drink and drive. that's all.

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    Oct 2002
    practice, practice, practice. congrats! I'll bet you want to stay longer in your car than at home :D

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    Oct 2002
    congrats bro...

    sarap mag drive no?

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    Nov 2006
    Dude 1st of all I just want 2 congrats u on ur new '98 GLI!! On ur medyo complicated query, alam mo in my personal point of view all those questions of urs will be answered by... U! Experience lang bro, through time u will learn all those stuff believe me! Every driver will go on that process, just ask them. Cguro after a year or so medyo madami ka ng alam.
    1 tip lang sure shot na makaka2long sayo since ur a new driver-- Any abnormalities na u don't usually feel on ur car, even the small ones like unusual noice, etc. Seek the advice agad of EXPERT mechanics, and have them check it if necessary.

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