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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr.Kamiya View Post
    Petron yun. Station owned by a certain F3 racer. =P
    How much naman per liter ang 100RON?

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    di nga mataas RON requirement ng MIVEC models sa pinas, Xtra unleaded lang kinakarga ko sa outlander at smooth as silk naman ang makina

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    japan 4g92 MIVEC ang particular sa RON, yun ang alam ko.. pero mula sa local grandis, outie, paje, galant...ok na sa unleadead

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    Sarap sound ng MIVEC!

    V6 FTO, small gurgles sa GT4.

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    SR20VET- Nissan yun...

    Nissan's showpiece was the SR20VE and the SR16VE N1. The SR20VE is a 200hp 2 liter engine, while the SR16VE makes over 170, and 197 in "N1" trim.

    These are VVL engines... variable timing and lift. I don't think the SR20 is still current... It was superseded by the QR series in the B15 Sentra and the new Sentra uses an entirely different engine line.

    Some people have SR20VE swaps in their Sentras, but these engines are rare. They're killer engines, though... a close match for the older B-series Type R (in 16VE N1 Pulsar (Sunny) form) and possibly a match even for the K20 in SR20VE 20V form... too bad we'll never know, as Nissan didn't sell SR20VEs in Sentras or Pulsars, so no direct "stock-to-stock" comparison is possible.

    Toyota's current trick engine is the 2ZZ-GE 1.8 used in the Corolla XRS, Celica and the Lotus Elise. Good for up to 197 hp NA, and 250+ supercharged. Variable timing and lift, too.

    But most people are more familiar with the 135 - 170 hp series of 4AGE engines... starting with the lowly 135 hp 4AGE, and culminating in the 165 - 170 hp "Black top" 20V. The "Black top" is a match for the B16A.

    The MIVEC 4G92 and the 4AGE are close to the B16A in output, but track testing of the Mirage Cyborg and the Trueno (the cars that had these engines stock) showed that the Civic SiR (hatchback) of the time was still faster in many respects, due to its double-wisbones and stronger top-end.

    One high-revver that nobody knows much about is the FSZE. This is Mazda's version of the high-revving dual-nature engine, but using VICS instead of variable valve timing. VICS is a variable length intake that uses resonance tuning to mix decent torque with good top-end. It's noteworthy that this is one of the few high-revving Japanese performance engines of its time that didn't use variable valve timing. But in its last iteration, it was only good for a measly 165-170 hp (from a 2 liter engine), so it didn't really set the tuner world afire.


    In essence, Honda's still the best (meh... ), but like Drey says... nothing quite beats the sound of a Mitsubishi 6A12 2-liter V6.... mmmmmmmmhhmmmmmm....
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    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    ot: di ba boxer engine ang may pinagamagandang ungol ng makina heehee...

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    Well... both sound pretty good compared to I4s and V8s.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Heheheh... You Subbie guys think kayo lang ay may magandang tunog... V6 MIVEC! Yummy tiny gurgles.

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