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    Feb 2005
    And if the fear of flood keeps you off the roads during typhoons, that's a good thing. I've seen a lot of guys get in trouble for trying to brave floods even when they shouldn't have

    The picture is clearer now. Xwind will definitely cross my testdrive path in the coming days. Innova, Tucson when it arrives and the Matrix too.

    Good points guru nikki.

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    Oct 2005
    we own an tough, reliable though not really trouble-free (lots of mechanical probs but livable) ride. plus diesel economy and power.

    if its just you who's going to use the car, the matrix CRDI would be fine. diesel torque, economy and decent power. its also roomy inside and looks kinda good IMO.

    Innova/Adventure if its a family or business car.

  3. Heretic Guest
    Should you decide on the Matrix, make sure that it's the newer "facelifted one" released last September. It has better looking head and tail lights and a more spacious cargo area since they removed the "shampoo and toothpaste" containers.

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    Feb 2007
    Go for Innova and get its:
    - Reliability; You won't go wrong here and toyota parts are readily available if they ever break
    - Performance; Innova shares the same CRDI powerplant with the Hilux, and NLEX patrols use these pickups for utility as well as for pursuit of overspeeding cars
    - Comfort; Its suspension uses springs on all corners which is well-known for comfort

    For the technology we have today, CRDI powered vehicles are the bang of the buck if you're going to get a diesel powered vehicle. They're surprisingly powerful and fuel efficient. If you already have a list of candidates, go for a test drive on each of them so you get a feel on each car. But in your situation, I can only recommend the spacious and powerful Innova. You can also opt for Isuzu Dmax or Toyota Hilux if you need a really high ground clearance.

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    Mar 2005
    matrix crdi manual lang available d2

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    Apr 2005
    malamang nakabili na yung thread starter at masayang masaya na sa car na napili nya...

    pero kung ako... MATRIX din. hehehe

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