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    Oct 2007
    ung 04 city vtec ko around usually 9-10km/liter although skul-bahay lang ako. mejo di pa ganun ka-fuel efficient kasi di ko pa napapachek/service ever since binili ko as a 2nd hand car last june 2007.

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    Oct 2002
    I get 10kpl sa 1.3 Jazz CVT ko. Pedal to the metal, hard core driving from pasig to makati.

    If I was driving an Optra, siguro 4kpl lang ako.

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    Jul 2005
    planning to buy a jazz 1.5 mt or a civic 1.8s mt just want to get feedbacks from jazz owners hows the ride and etc.

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    Aug 2007
    Re-Post from other forums

    Quote Originally Posted by tanoshi_637 View Post
    medyo OT

    re 1.5 CVT:
    i had my taste of numerous A/T cars/SUVs, most them hindi smooth sa arangkada at talagang ma aksaya sa gas. Saludo ako sa CVT, optimum gear & rpm for optimum fuel comsumption, be it hard driving or moderate.

    Quote Originally Posted by tanoshi_637 View Post
    I contemplated long & hard and bought a 1.5L VTEC CVT Jazz last November 2006 and i never regreted it. Pero nung bagong labas sya sa Casa (break-in period) hindi sya as fuel efficient as nung nag tagal na sya. Found out that this intelligent engine can even tune it's self, adjusting to the octane rating of the gasoline. (if you get one, attend the orientation, ask how to self tune the car "during driving").
    I've fallen in love with the car, no need to further soup it up, the exterior is mabangis & the interior is just superb, All power & things are in the right place. I couldn't notice the car already left/arrived the garage -so smooth & quiet.
    More Power to weight ratio beats, the sedan counterpart and with a VTEC CVT it's just soo tempting to floor it. CVT's are so smooth as if you could barely feel shifting gears, youre always at the right gear! be it slow driving, moderate or fast.
    I dont need the trunk and if i even need to haul things I have ample space due to magic seats. I've even use these magic seats to flat bed where family members can sleep on long provincial driving.
    Safety? the overall team-playing of suspension, all-dics brake, Anti Brake Locks & electronic brake force distribution...just makes my mind at ease, really makes wonders, keeping the car where it should be!!! (compare a nonABS car at high speed, simulate a need for full stop and you'll know what i mean, the difference could be your life and you investment).
    Frontal collisions? never experienced it but you can search youtube * 180 kms/hr the cabin is still intact.
    But then i seldom go outta town & with manila traffic, most of the time you'll just be cruising at 40-90 kms/hr. lubak lubak pa!
    So on my next car, i'll go for 1.3L iDSI Jazz.

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    Jul 2005
    thnak you boss

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    Oct 2005
    Triple post.
    Sensya, nag ha hang connection kasi.
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    Oct 2005
    Triple post.
    Edit lang.

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    Oct 2005
    i dont know how to drive manual transmission
    kaya automatic ang need ko. wala ako choice.

    guys, im thinking of getting a 2nd car
    requirement is really fuel efficient, fuel consumption klm to liter is high.

    ano mas matipid sa fuel?

    a) 1.3 or 1.5?

    b) tapos City ba or Jazz?

    ako, matipid naman tumapak, 80 normally mabilis na.

    thanks ah guys.
    your posts tlga ang basis ng mga choices made dito sa forums.

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    Aug 2004
    The City and Jazz have almost exactly the same consumption. It's up to you which you find more convenient.

    The 1.3 is more fuel efficient, the 1.5 is faster.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Oct 2005
    ano yun CVT?
    does that mean AUTOMATIC Transmission??

    "Jazz 1.3 S CVT PHP 690,000.00"?

    thanks guys


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