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    Quote Originally Posted by Vodka View Post
    city/jazz GD use clutch packs w/ the CVT. current CVT's use slushbox

    matipid talaga yung GD esp w/ the idsi engine w/ 8 valves and 8 sparks you can drive or should i say LUG the engine if you want i.e. 1100 RPM is actually usable.

    warning don't lug the engine and try to accelerate at the same time use low RPM only for maintaining constant speed. generally speaking don't go below 1250rpm

    bakit nagshift? Sirain ang clutchpack?

    si honda na ba king of efficient 1.5 engine?

    Napapaisip ako mag coolray at jimny. Pero ang habol ko talaga tipid fuel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ice15 View Post
    One thing the article didn't mention... the Almera uses 95 Octane gas.
    Sa other Almera reviewers medyo issue rin sa kanila ito.
    But at an average difference of 1.00 between 91 and 95RON, that would only be at most a Php40.00 additional sa full tank.
    If the drive nets better fuel mileage against a comparable sedan, that would be a more considerable savings.

    Quote Originally Posted by dr. d View Post
    in the other thread, "which is the best, manual or automatic?",
    in post #97, gearhead was quoting another review-er, who claimed his almera experience at 6-9 km/li in the city, and 21 km/li in the highway.
    i guess, a lot has to do with, whatever we claim, "how do i really drive".


    Yes, I do have my reservations about their quoted 6-7km/l, kahit pa sinasabi nilang dahil daw sa turbocharger.
    You (or Nissan) sacrificed power para sa one with less of it tapos ganyan lang ang FC sa city?

    Anyway, my concern about quoted digital FC's are mostly because I am wondering if they are quoting Average ba or Current!?
    I have seen mostly sa mga FB car groups people posting outrageous FCs tapos if you look closer Current reading pala.
    I can coax my Altis 2.0V to show 99km/l sa current reading if that's how they play.

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