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    Jul 2008
    I didn't expect Nissan to have such a bad reputation till now. They did have some bad vehicles like vanette and serena, but beyond 2004 models are good. I consider Nissan second only to Toyota for quality. In some cases, Ford is even better than Honda.

    You can check the new CRV, CX5, and Escape next year since you're willing to wait. CX5 may be out of your list since it's smaller than CX7. If we're lucky even the new Sta Fe might make it next year or the new Everest.

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    Aug 2004
    New Everest most likely 2013. They haven't even begun to develop it. Besides... Ford's schedule next year is going to be hectic. They're rolling out the Explorer production units, the new Focus, the Ranger and the Mustang.

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