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    Point is not being missed. TS is looking for an executive car. My opinion is neither of the selections are. Real executive sedans are expensive indeed. The showing off of wealth is in the "intent" of the buyer buying the car, not in simply owning an expensive one which he/she happens to afford.

    If the buyer was simply looking for a bigger spaced vehicle then an SUV or a Van would have been the better option.

    The person is evidently looking for a premium sedan. Now I just voiced out neither of them feels premium to me but that doesn't mean it won't satisfy her requirements.
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    Quote Originally Posted by daimengrui View Post
    TS, now that you disclosed that the driver is a female. All the more you should consider a Mazda 6. I would assume she would have a hard time parking the bigger Camry.
    The Mazda6 doesn't have back-up sensors as standard. And the ***y-back rear window is hard to see out of when backing up.

    RE: respect from others:

    It does look good...

    Strange... every time we photo the car, it's at night... it's that kind of car...

    Problem is... it's more suited to a guy than a woman executive. Raspy engine, perky response and sharp steering aren't things that are often high on a female executive's wish list.

    Considering this is the case, I'd point her at the Accord or Camry.

    Or even a Subaru Forester XT if we're considering the Subaru angle? It's got good interior space... not as "executive" feeling as the other two, but it has a huge moonroof, which she might like, as it makes it feel airy on those (admittedly rare) occassions when she can pull back the shades. And the performance and ride are quite nice.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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