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    Aug 2004
    375 NM of torque is more than enough for some light to moderate off-roading action. That's what really matters for economy and pulling power, rather than peak power... which will only affect flat-out acceleration and top speed.

    Quote Originally Posted by oliver1013 View Post
    Hindi kaya underpowered niky, making it thirsty?
    I wouldn't think so. My "underpowered" Crosswind still gets up to 16 km/l despite the stupid-low gearing. If an engine is tuned more for economy than power (see the Toyota 2.5 D4D) then economy should be good.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    May 2006
    Haha thats why i cant let go of my crosswind kahit mag 180k na tinatakbo...

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    Apr 2012
    Looking at brother's 4x4 colorado this few weeks and the 4x4 ranger on the road, both these truck needs a 2-3" leveling kit to make it look better. As is now with their size they are kinda low.

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    Apr 2008
    I have seen both units plying along Commonwealth but different days. They were both black, both 4x4 and for me, the Ranger wins by a mile in the looks department. I don't know but I feel that there is something wrong with the looks of the Colorado both front and back. I am not feeling it. But the Ranger, whew! It's really macho and very, very good looking. I haven't seen their interiors, though.

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    The 2.2 engine in the Ranger is already enought to provide some decent performance figures.

    It's also currently used in the Land Rover Defender and in the Ford Transit vans.

    But, after all, I'd rather get a Chevy over the Ford. With automatic transmission, the 4cyl 2.8 in the Chevy is rated at the same torque of the 3.2 in the Ford.

    Quote Originally Posted by foifoi05 View Post
    pero interesting pa din sa akin yung cummins powered Foton thunder, hilux body hehe. Hope they bring it here soon at mareview na nila niky and co
    Cummins engines are my favorite ones. Ever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cripple_rooster View Post

    the 4cyl 2.8 in the Chevy is rated at the same torque of the 3.2 in the Ford.

    The latest Chevy duramax has a very advanced engine management system developed by both Bosch and AC delco.

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chevrolet colorado vs. ford ranger