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    Sep 2007
    I would think that the base was unusually high last year due to the impending implementation of the excise tax on vehicles. Dealers hyped that thing for a year and a half and scared many clueless consumers into buying early. On hindsight, it may not have been so bad since even if the tax increase wasn't so big for cars below P1.5M, we also now have to contend with higher prices due to the weakening peso.

    If anything, the next few months' year-on-year contraction rates may be even worse. But perhaps the picture won't be so bad if we compare 2018's figures to 2016's?

    O, saan na mga tax-exempt electric vehicles!? Eto na chance nila. He he....

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    Nov 2007
    30,000 new vehicles every month is still very high though. I remember Pnoy saying that a cause of traffic is because there were 25k new cars a month

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    Sep 2003
    Besides slower sales, maraming rin cars na reposses dahil sa limitation sa number ng TNVS..

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    Sep 2015
    Philippines is 2nd worst auto market in 4 months

    Oh di ba less traffic ngayon. I like !!! Very positive news.

    Maganda balita ito. Hindi pwede puro kotse at gawa ng kalsada sa metro manila. Sa probinsya doon kailangan lagyan kalsada kasi walang traffic doon.

    Pumapangit ang paligid pag puro flyover and skyway. Tinitirhan lang ng squatter eh. It is not harmonizing for the environment.

    Kung gusto talaga kalsada eh make more tunnels. Makakatulong pa sa baha yan.

    Richmond Mercurio (The Philippine Star) - July 2, 2018 - 12:00am

    MANILA, Philippines — Vehicle manufacturers have cut production by over a third as the Philippines slid to being the second worst performer in Southeast Asia in the first four months of the year.

    Latest data from the ASEAN Automotive Federation showed the country posted the second largest drop in vehicle sales among eight economies in the region monitored from January to April this year.

    It was a total reversal for the local automotive industry compared to the same period last year where it was the second fastest growing market in Southeast Asia.

    Vehicle sales in the Philippines recorded a 9.3 percent decline during the four-month period which was credited mostly to the new tax reform law that imposed higher excise taxes on automobiles.

    Preventing the Philippines from becoming the worst performer in the region was Singapore, which saw sales plunge 19.8 percent year-on-year.

    With the persisting lower demand, manufacturers in the country have significantly cut production, data from the ASEAN Automotive Federation showed.

    Vehicle production in the country fell 34.5 percent to 31,064 units in the first four months of the year, from 47,392 units in the same period last year.

    The Philippines was the only market with significant local production in the region that registered a decline for the period.

    Production in Thailand, the region’s hub, grew 11.3 percent year-on-year to 674,469 units, while Indonesia and Malaysia posted 6.8 percent and 12.7 percent increase to 446,855 units and 198,053 units, respectively.

    Vehicle production in Vietnam also improved 1.2 percent year-on-year to 65,977 units.

    Automotive manufacturing is among the 12 major industries that is being prioritized under the country’s new industrial development plan called the Inclusive Innovation Industrial Strategy, or the i3S.

    Major manufacturers in the country such as Toyota Motor Philippines Corp. and Mitsubishi Motor Philippines Corp. have already invested a total of P10.7 billion so far in the Comprehensive Automotive Resurgence (CARS) Program.

    Both Toyota and Mitsubishi said while the industry continues to face challenges, they are optimistic in complying with the requirements of the CARS program and hope that government authorities and the industry will find a “workable balance” to support the program and at the same time generate much needed revenues in the wake of the second phase of the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) Law.

    Philippines is 2nd worst auto market in 4 months |

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    Oct 2012
    Even with Nissan and Mitsus alliance. Their 31.91% marketshare cant topple Toyotas 38.85%

    Im sure theyll break 35% once the xpander numbers increase..
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    Sep 2014
    Quote Originally Posted by StockEngine View Post
    Even with Nissan and Mitsus alliance. Their 31.91% marketshare cant topple Toyotas 38.85%

    Im sure theyll break 35% once the xpander numbers increase..
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    since Mitsubishi sold more and positive sales at 90% last June, kaya pala kanina sa Landers, i thought I was in a flleet of brand new Monteros sa basement parking sa Arcovia, grabe halos lahat ng namimili ng basic goods coz of the 5.2 inflation rate, pero nakabile pa din ng car, puro MOntero.

    excerpt from article

    “This decline was largely due to consumers’ prioritization of buying basic goods and services as buying big ticket items like motor vehicles is less favorable at this time due to rising inflation, which increased to 5.2% this June 2018. This is a typical consumer’s behavior pattern when economic condition is a bit gloomy due to less favorable economic indicators.” said Atty. Rommel Guttierez, president of CAMPI.

    Sales performance were mostly positive for most brands. The top 3 advancers*: Mitsubishi (MMPC) sales went up by 90.5%; Isuzu (IPC) increased sales by 51.2%; Nissan (NPI) increased by 26.1%. Top three decliners* were Kia (CAC) with a huge 30.3% drop; Volkswagen (ACEI) sales also dropped by 30.1%; Toyota (TMP) rounded up the top three decliners with a 21% downtrend.

    alam ko Mitsubishi ang pinakabiggest sa discount sa lahat ng PPV halos 200K na ba, makes sense.

    good news also coz finally the people are learning di porkit Toyota eh good buy, eh walang nga reverse camera eh. kelangan kelangan na camera ngaun kahit san, sa mmda towing operations, sa mga cctv, bodycams etc. tapos car mo toyota nga wala naman rev camera. Toyota dropped -21% .

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    Sep 2015
    magdiscount talaga si mitsubishi, Hello monstero hello nagwild.

    bernardo bernardino is the man why the sua page is alive and kicking.

    Bernardino Bernardo
    Admin Yesterday at 4:54 AM
    Ngayon lang, nakita ko ang video ng isang Mitsubishi Montero ang biglang humarurot paatras buhat sa hinto, tumawid sa karsada at nahulog sa bangin. Kumukuha ako ng Screenshot, subalit isa pa lang ang nakukuha ko ng biglang naglaho ang nasabing video.
    Sa Screenshot makikita ang skidmark ng gulong ng Montero.

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    Sep 2003
    Double digit sales dip... Inflation starting to be felt.

    Auto sales fall by 12.5% in first half of 2018 |

    For the month of June alone, combined sales of CAMPI and TMA decreased 21.7 percent to 29,350 units compared to 37,479 units in the previous year.

    Sales of passenger cars in June fell 42.6 percent to 7,766 units in June from 13,525 units in the same month a year ago.

    The commercial vehicle segment’s sales also declined 10 percent to 21,584 units from 23,954 units last year.

    AUV sales reached 5,061 units in June, down nearly 32 percent from 7,414 units last year, while LCV sales dipped slightly to 15,179 units in June from 15,278 units a year ago.

    Sales of light trucks, and category 4 and 5 trucks and buses posted respective year-on-year declines of 5.7 percent 25 percent and 22.9 percent in June.

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    Nov 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by kagalingan View Post
    Philippines is 2nd worst auto market in 4 months
    that's exactly the purpose of higher tax --> to discourage purchase

    did govt economists actually think local auto sales can be sustained after higher tax?

    nakalimutan yata nila ano ang original purpose ng high taxes on certain goods

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    Sep 2014
    di naman na discouraged uls, nagkorek lang market, Mitsubishi has always been generous even post train law, so tiba-tiba sila ngaun sa benta. Isuzu mux is also picking coz they have the affordable 1.9L and the 150K discount on the 3.0 Mux. so dun pumunta mga tao sa isuzu at mitsu, eh toyota mayabang tapos wala pa reverse camera, eh di bagsak sales nya ng 20%

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