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    Sep 2006
    99% of the time i'll be using all that power in a straight line anyway. and i doubt i'll be attacking twisty mountain roads anytime soon. so no problem there

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    Jan 2006
    As for the 3.5 V6 Camry being slow...... I don't know. I do know that there are Camry drivers here who aren't sqeamish about flooring that gas pedal. The way they pulled away from my Sonata, the sub-6 sec 0-60mph times seem accurate.

    A V6 Mazda 6 couldn't put any distance from my car and it's a mid-6 sec car. But a a 3.5 Camry did pull away at least until its governor kicked in.

    I haven't checked out a V6 300 yet. Most I've seen are the V8 300C and I know better than to mess with them.

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Camry 3.5Q or 300C V6