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    Jun 2006
    One of the few brands that i haven't seen used as a taxi is Audi esp the A8.

    I've seen 7-series and S600 as taxis. hehe

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    Mar 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by Horsepower View Post
    One of the few brands that i haven't seen used as a taxi is Audi esp the A8.

    I've seen 7-series and S600 as taxis. hehe
    OT: Isnt our President bothered about this? Her car being used as a taxi?

    Then she starts calling the BOC...

    GMA: Hello... Hello...
    Representative from BOC: Maam okay na!
    GMA: Okay na ba?
    Representative from BOC: Yes maam, andito na Maybach mo sa Subic.
    GMA: Is the car Heavily equipped?
    Representative from BOC: Yes maam! Top of the line features are added!
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    Jan 2007
    300C ang pipiliin ko. Sana manalo ako sa lotto.

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    Apr 2007
    I'd go for the 300C anytime! mas maporma

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    Oct 2002
    I have driven the 300C and it is really more of a cruiser than anything else. Personally, the exterior looks better than the interior. BTW, even if I said the car was more of a cruiser, it doesn't mean the car cannot handle, it can handle well at speed but with some amounts of body roll. Steering was excellent but tended to go to understeer near the limit. A little prodding can get the tail out though.

    Moving inside, the dashboard texture/look&feel is fine but the center console to the handbrake area, the silver plastic looked cheap and out of place in a car of this price level. It would have looked at home in an entry level subcompact. It could have been executed better.

    BTW, the aircon in the unit tested took around 10 to 15 minutes to get from "cool" to really cold. That might be an issue or non-issue with potential buyers.

    Overall, it is not a bad car if you are looking for a "mafia" car. But at it's price level, there are other alternatives with better finishing quality. But if you want to impress the pants (and panties) off the people around you, this might be the car for you.
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    Apr 2007
    I own a Camry 3.5Q, for me the Camry is more in style & effiency. But for those who want luxury & power, The 300C V6 is the perfect choice.

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    Sep 2006
    we have a 3.5Q camry as well. exterior-wise, i'd probably go with the 300C only because its not yet as common as the camry in manila. but since i dont live there, thats not really an issue as there are only a handful of camrys where i live. interior, hands down camry. near-lexus levels of comfort and refinement talaga. the biggest letdown with the 300c is really the interior. i've seen one up-close (have yet to drive one though) and it really feels like you're in japanese econo car at half the price, far from what i expected for a P2 million+ car. cant quite comment on the camry's power just yet, as we're not done with the break-in period. but judging from the few times that i decided to play with it for a bit, all i can say is ang lakas talaga ng hatak. i guess you really cant go wrong with 270hp and 346nm of torque on tap

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    Mar 2006
    Pareho lang ata sila understeer. :hysterical:
    The Camry's pointless power with its FF :duh: and the 300C's weight.

    +1 on the 300C's interior. Its a letdown pero all the time ko na may nakikita na 300C sa school. 2nd year college, I think his dad bought him a black one. Swerte naman ng classmate o.

    Pero imagine, everyone's head turned around. I can't imagine a 2nd year na papatol sa Camry. I think he would look bad, I didnt see him like a "drayber" driving a 300C. Just a rebel high type of person.
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    Nov 2006
    id take the 300c

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    Jan 2007
    For practical everyday ride, a Camry would be a wise decision. But for a car enthusiast like me, logic takes a back seat to desire.

    I own a Chrysler 300C V6. Below is the tsikot thread containing a write-up I made before I bought it. I also pondered between the Toyota and the Chrysler for a long time before making my decision. I've had my pimpmobile for about 3 months now. No regrets.

    here's the original thread over at the other forum:

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Camry 3.5Q or 300C V6