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    Apr 2008
    Kasya naman pala eh, may 3-4 inches pa. :D

    The Innova is a very safe and reliable choice, though not necessarily an exciting one especially for one coming from a pocket rocket like the diesel Accent. You may want to consider a higher variant used 2015 unit. That's practically brand new, and if it's casa maintained, you'd be able to find out the vehicle history.

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    Jul 2013
    When my wife and I are planning to buy our first brand new car, I wanted to get the Avanza (cash). Wifey wants the Innova, the diesel one (installement). Of course, we always follow the wife hahaha. No regrets.

    Budget was supposed to be for the Innova E variant (around 900K in 2012). But after inquiring from some sales agent, I was able to find a dealer (Toyota Alabang) whose total cash discount for the G variant amounts to around 100K (shoot sa budget). We got the G.

    So my suggestion is ask around - how much total freebies can they provide (cash discount, free LTO, free chattel mortgage, etc). Baka in the end, within your budget na yung high end models. But Innova E is still bang for the buck ika nga.

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    May 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by effsandoval View Post
    I am currently a confused buyer. After selling my Hyundai Accent HB CRDi, I went on to search for a perfect vehicle for a starting father. At first I had my eyes on the all new Toyota Avanza, but after having both the first and second generation Avanza, I never really liked its fuel consumption so I went on searching. The next that caught my eyes was the Suzuki Ertiga Dreza. The fuel consumption was great, looks was killer, Excellent seating number for the family and the luggage space could accommodate my baby’s stuff. But the only problem is that it might not be available to the Philippine Market. So I went on searching. Mitsubishi Adventure, was good but the look feels a decade old. The Isuzu Crosswind, but for my budget 800k to 900k the accessories that come with the variant feels bland. The Honda Mobilio which feels a little low. Coming to and fro Pangasinan and Manila, flood and nasty road condition might kill this car. Then came the Chevrolet Spin. Everything I ever wanted in car was there. Spacious, Beautiful and it has a Turbo diesel engine. I liked it so much that I went to three Chevrolet Dealers just to get the best deal. Now comes the problem, Chevrolet will no longer the Spin lineup. My Best friend has one and it took him a month or more just to get a replacement part. I need help, should I still get the Chevrolet Spin, or should I just move on and look for other available vehicles?
    My inlaw selling their garage queen 2010 gls montero at 700-800k with only 8000 km reading you might wanna consider it. Sayang kasi.

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