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    If the Crosswind has the sturdiest diesel, the Adventure's oil burner probably has the widest use. From the Gen 1 Pajero to the L200 pickups and vans (don't forget the variants used in the Starex, Delica and RVR). Since it has served that long, trust your neighborhood mechanic to be well-versed in its inner workings, so parts and servicing shouldn't be hard. Take note though, among the three, the 4D56 is rather anemic, since it uses indirect injection; same reason that it's not as fuel efficient as a direct-injection Isuzu diesel with the same displacement (you might be able to offset this somewhat by using biodiesel and careful driving habits). And I wouldn't know about the Everest's engine, but Mitsu diesel is definitely quieter compared to an Isuzu.

    Also among the three, the Adventure has the lowest ride height, something that works to its disadvantage when traversing rough roads.

    Oh, and the rear suspension on Adventure units tends to sag, especially under maximum payload. This has been evident as far back as the early-model Adventures with stiffer suspension, more so on the 'softer' later variants. I'm just grateful that I haven't experienced this on mine, mainly because I rarely load a lot of stuff/passengers at the back.
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    Yup... the Adventure would be easiest to find parts for, really, but Isuzu parts aren't hard either... at the very least, though, the Adventure would have the cheapest parts. Hell, I bet any mechanic in sando and slippers could maintain that engine...

    The Everest is also kind of noisy and some owners complain about the loud auxiliary fan, but the Crosswind takes the cake for engine noise and vibration, though. Everest fuel consumption isn't very good, somewhat comparable to the old Starex vans in city driving.

    But if you're really going to use the vehicle for passengers and cargo, the Everest is a great choice, even considering the low resale value... Tip: you could probably get a secondhand one for a great price... secondhand values suffered when Ford discounted the brand new ones to make way for the new Everest coming next year.

    But that new Everest might be too expensive for you. SO, with the looooong warranty, service and registration bonuses, and the great discounts, now might be the time to look at buying the old Everest.
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    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    *niky: medyo matagtag pa rin yung rear suspension ng sportivo 2006/2007 model. nag test drive kami nung officemate ko last month dahil nagplaplano bumili eh. sa sobrang tagtag, he ended up buying an alterra....hehehe. pero ayun... umaangal na sa PM costs ng Isuzu casa. for his 1500 km checkup, naglabas kaagad ng 3800++ pesos.

    the new sportivo comes with a visual parking sensor camera na ah... saw it in the papers.

    para di ot: your criterias only point to one vehicle, which is the sportivo.... tama yung sabi ni niki about the fuel consumption ng everest. i think it only averages around 8-9 kms/liter.

    yung adventure, ok sana ang ride comfort, kaya lang talo sya sa porma factor. but yes, it wins on the maintenance factor.

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