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    Jul 2011
    Oo nga yun power rear glass ng strada is a plus. Sana hindi naman katulad sa explorer sport trac where in sira ng sira. Badtrip pa kung masiraan ka while on the road, no choice but to go back home para magpalit ng kotse kasi baka manakawan ng gamit sa loob.

    *odell: sir, a 2 inch lift kit for the navara can solve your concerns. It wont cost you more than 10k for that kit. Test drive both units, pick the truck that has the most impact on you.

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    Jul 2008
    Yeah very useful yung power rear glass. I was driving a friends' Sportrac and kasama ko noon mga athletes. 4 guys on a high protein diet. Lifesaver.

    Tama, test drive mo both sir, you'll know which one is "you" after spending time with it.

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    May 2006
    Meron na ba dito sa tsikot nag angat ng Navarra? How was the ride and feel?

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    Nov 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by odell View Post
    Thanks for the explanation sir. To summarize what I have understood 3.2 non-vgt strada is much more reliable than the current vgt engine because of it timing chain,the plus of the vgt engine is the better FC. Dmax is really out of my choices because in my personal opinion,I dont like the looks of it. Im also open with the navarra actually. With hilux kase I really hate the interior because its the same with the innova as well as I see its a normal. "regular" pickup. Somehow stradas are also flooding the phil roads now but the interior are much modern in my opinion. With navarra I think its in par with strada interior wise. The problem with navarra is the height and its rear seats,also with the ride that strada has to offer. But I lile how the navarra looks,lack of height lang talaga. There is this white strada ive checked,3.2L AT. 2010 model. For 1.150neg. The navarra ive checked is also priced the same. 2010 model,color whote also. Both 4x4 and AT. So,what could break the ice for me?
    The ride of the strada, rear window and dpchip for the 3.2. Yung Navarra kasi highpowered 2.5 na samantalang yung 3.2 eh parang med power pa lang. It will benefit more from racechip being sold by tsikot IMO.

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    Jul 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by oliver1013 View Post
    Meron na ba dito sa tsikot nag angat ng Navarra? How was the ride and feel?
    Sir, medyo madami na rin. For the 4x2 mas maging comfortable yun ride. Longer suspension travel translate to softer ride

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    May 2004
    try to browse the net regarding the new Ranger. B. Bargas of TopGear just tested it in Thailand.
    according to him
    -200HP; 470NM of torque
    -hill descent control (this will be nice after experiencing a matic suv going downhill coming from a table top, napunta b**ls ko sa lalamunan heheheh)
    -Hll hold control
    now wait lang the price. pero according to vinj, the TS will not mind the price.:D

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    Mar 2006
    very interesting points raised by the pick-up gurus.

    we may be in the market for a reliable workhorse next year but the interesting inputs about the need for comfort really opened my eyes since our province is about a day's travel from manila. buti sana kung puro bata lang ang magbibiyahe pwede sana base models lang.

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    Nov 2011
    when the new strada 1st came out, parang ayoko siya but now as a pickup owner (titanium 4x4 3.2 a/t) i MIGHT go for a strada to replace it. since most of the time naman light lang ang load ko i can live with the shorter bed but offers the best ride and rear leg room.

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    Sep 2009
    [SIZE=3]Floating Toyota Hilux gets pwned by Nissan Frontier Pickup[/SIZE]

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    Oct 2002
    Share lang ako ng inputs dito.
    Gamit ko 2006 hilux 2.5 d4d with 70,000kms

    If i were to choose among the pickups, it would be hilux vs strada.
    Eto lang pansin ko:
    Sa hilux, para sa akin mas gusto ko interior nya. Mas malambot yun seat cushions.
    Sa strada, parang matigas ang sat cushions. Mataas floorings nya.

    Engine naman ng hilux 2.5, tahimik. Adequate naman ang lakas. Hindi ako naiiwan sa hatawan at kayang kaya mag overtake.
    Hindi ko sinasabi na ito ang pinaka malakas sa lahat ng engines.
    (mas matulin at malakas umarangkada pa ang getz crdi ng misis ko, no joke :p )
    Engine naman ng strada, Wow, ang taas ng HP. Nakaka inggit lang sa totoo. I've never driven a strada before pero i would assume na mas malakas tuamkbo ang 170+ Hp ng strada compared sa 102 Hp ng hilux ko. Pansin ko mas maingay din.

    Again, I am comparing the mid variants of both trucks. Karamihan kasi dito, un top variant ang comparison.
    You can't go wrong with these two.
    Kung ako pipili ngayon 2012. I'd pick strada. Why? I'd get the AT version. Nakakapagod na kasi mag drive kung minsan.
    (nun 2006 kasi wala pang AT sa mid variant ang strada)

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